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Stadoor delegatoor: What is a Stader?


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Stader's mission is to simplify staking and give delegates the best possible returns. And in the long term, Stader will be a platform for DAOs and developers to create their bespoke steaking solutions.

In the short term, Stader is developing its multichain smart contracts, including Terra, Solana, etc., and creating an ecosystem to develop the entire spectrum of solutions: farming, launchpads, p2e, liquid-staking and so on.

In the long term, Stader wants to open up the platform's approach and encourage third-party developers to build applications based on the Stader infrastructure.

Stader believes:

– PoS networks will grow much faster than the rest of the cryptocurrency market, and within a short period PoS networks will dominate the need for all digital assets

– Staking is a fundamental component of PoS networks. Staked assets act as protection against any attacks on the network.

Building on the knowledge of delegates, Stader is creating a platform that performs end-to-end management of staking for delegates. Below are the basic principles of the platform:

– Enable delegates to make the right delegate decisions (i.e. select nodes/node pools) based on their preferences

– Improve delegate UX/UI with custom products, tools and interfaces for intelligent delegation and reward management

– Generate better risk parity returns on staking rewards and liquidity on staking assets by providing access to cross-chain lending protocols, liquid derivatives and gamified pools.

Currently available in Stader:

- Delegator pools to minimise the risk of slashing and encourage network decentralisation

-  Autocompounding rewards (conversion of stablecoins to LUNA and re-staking), resulting in a 15-25% increase in APY.

Stader (SD) token is a native control token. SD token holders will benefit from the success of Stader, as revenue will be credited to the SD token at the option of the management holders.

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