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Let me speak (the litttle review)


Well, look, play-to-earn, move-to-earn trends were a big hype. So let's look at learn-to-earn. Ofc, we can't say it's some super-duper fresh, but... it's always worth a DYOR! Let's gooo.

Let me speak is such a learn2earn app for learning English. The founding company has been developing language learning software for 10 years and has been building business models using blockchain for 4 years. In that time their product has been used by over 30 million people.

You can either participate for free or buy NFT, which opens up the possibility of earning money. Below you will see a table of costs and all sorts of useful features.

Important things:

Talent is the main characteristic that determines a character's rarity and the quality and speed of learning. It is assigned at creation and cannot be changed. 

Rewards rate - characters of different rarity get different rewards for the same actions.

Invites slots - each NFT character can be used to create new characters.

Learning speed - this parameter shows how many XP points a character gets for energy expenditure. Choose characters with a higher learning speed if you want to reach new XP levels quickly.

Visa length - When you purchase a character, you are given a learning visa to use along with it. This thing is designed to motivate you not to leave training. 

Skills - characters have four basic language learning skills: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening and Grammar. You can improve a character's skills by practising these activities in the learning application. Developing skills earn you more rewards and gives you advantages in PvP.

Energy - each character has 100 energy points to spend. 

To have a place to rest and replenish their Energy, each played Character automatically rents a room. Characters who do not spend their Energy do not need to rent a room. The daily fee for renting a property in the LMS Metaverse is very low, less than 5% of the potential daily income.

You can play with four characters daily to learn and earn, have as many characters as you want and give them as scholarships to other students (50/50, settled by the project).

About profitability: for more farming, it makes sense to take the top rarity characters: epic or legendary.

On average, a legendary with a 240-day clean visa costs about $2,000 for average earnings per day of $23-28 if you take the market average right now; not looking for the most profitable. 

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