Learn19 March 2022

GO to IDO. Also some about IEO and ICO


Well, let's go. What do we have to do? How much profit? What's the likelihood of making money? Hmmm, bro, it's time to tell you about these hype sales where people get rich (sometimes get poor).

Of course, we'll start with the preface. All sorts of IDO, ICO, and IEO sales are trendy because of their crazy yields and stories about how crypto fans become rich. But some ppl do not understand how to participate. Thanks to Satoshi, you have us. Let us tell you the facts only.

Let's go over the definition, okay?

ICO is Initial Coin Offering

IDO is Initial Dex Offering 

IEO - Initial Exchange Offering

So, such sales allow you to become an early investor. So what? The tokens weren't traded anywhere else; you're their first. You buy at a fixed price, wait for a listing, bingo, you're rich.

Some more details

ICOs are the sales that conquered crypto back in 2017. And not for nothing; the returns are great. A big part of the ICO is happening on Coinlist. In case you have never heard of this site, here is the information: you create an account, pass KYC, having an account you can enter any sales, which are held there. You will be given your number in the queue. Random, btw. We mean, here's the first hitch. Not everyone can buy, but it's worth trying. Why not?

IEO - sales, which are held on the exchanges. This implies the participation of those who hold the native token of the exchange. Btw, there is complete randomness. For example, such sales happen at Binance often. 

IDO is an asterisk in our bright sky. The hype of all hypes. Long story short, IDO is cool. But the point is you can participate in different ways. For example, sometimes you need to do some tasks, and sometimes you hold tokens of launchpads (websites where IDO takes place).

What kind of tasks? Well, let's imagine the situation.  You see an announcement on your favourite Moni Talks channel about an upcoming IDO. You might have to sign up for the project on various social networks, invite your friends, and leave your wallet address.

It's not always this way. Now the trend is moving into the hands of launchpads, who offer you to hold a certain amount of their tokens. In return, you get either a guaranteed allocation or randomly chosen among the holders. It's because of a trend with multi-accounts, my ass. But we're not complaining. Launchpads are many; opportunities abound us, so you need to participate.

DYOR, please. There's a picture below; look at good launchpads on different networks. Good luck, our good friend.

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