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YIEDLers - a club for true degens (What OptyFi is?)

Share one is standing behind your back? Are you sure? Ok, great! Come on in; we've got a project for you to DYOR. We'll also tell you about the mystery club for true degens... 

OptyFi's goal is to automatically enable every user to maximise profits based on their risk preferences.

A typical DeFi degen day

It's a bright Sunday afternoon. You're chained to your computer, juggling browser tabs, tracking your shitcoin show (portfolio). You swear to yourself that the liquidity pools you're in had higher APYs as recently as yesterday.

You move on to the new liquidity pools. "Dame, those APYs look so attractive," says your inner voice. But you've never heard of these tokens in LP pairing with rabid APYs. You have no idea what these projects are or whether their contracts have been audited. You also have no idea how much gas costs have eaten up profits every time you went from one pool to another.

And then the tempting APY takes over, and you dive in, transferring your assets to a new pool. You close your browser window, praying for the best. And you promise yourself not to check your accounts for the rest of the day. Sound familiar?

A bit of DeFi history

When the concept of incentivising users with tokens emerged, the era of farming was immediately born. The pioneers of farming called themselves apes or degens. These heroes lived in the DeFi world, expertly moved assets between farms and were never afraid to get involved in unknown tokens and projects.

As the legends of these apes and degens reached the outside world, more and more ordinary users became fascinated with DeFi. These new users were attracted to DeFi because it allowed for complete ownership and control of assets, cutting off opaque financial intermediaries looking to make a profit.

Of course, new users were also attracted to DeFi by the promise of multiplying their deposits. The idea of making an asset work for you and being economically rewarded for locking assets and providing liquidity to various protocols was exciting and lucrative.

However, there was one big difference between the first apes & degens and new DeFi users. Many newcomer users had a limited understanding of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Even technically, users, aka specialists, did not have the time or desire to spend hours a day learning about liquidity pools, understanding risk and monitoring prices, APYs and commissions. And into the scene comes our lifeline! OptyFi...

WTF if your OptyFi?

OptyFi is a yield optimisation protocol that continuously evaluates thousands of DeFi strategies, automatically moving users' assets to the optimal strategies that match the user's risk preferences.

By optimally allocating a user's assets, OptyFi takes into account the following:

- interest rates for lending pools

- trading fees for trading pools

- interest rates

- staking options

- gas fees

Users place their assets in OptyFi's vaults. Vaults allow users to share the cost of gas, which ensures a lower cost of gas for each user and allows OptyFi to move users' assets to the most profitable strategies more often. OptyFi storage facilities also allow users to choose the level of risk that suits the user and to allocate assets according to the selected level of risk.

Welcome to SuperYIEDLers Club!

How to 'keep up' with DeFi's exponential growth and extreme volatility? OptyFi answers this question and launches the YIEDLers Club to introduce DeFi's cutting-edge strategies into OptyFi's protocol quickly.

What benefits SuperYIEDLers Club members will receive:

- Early access to the OptyFi platform

- "SuperBust" increased APYs when staking

- SuperYIEDLers NFT

- Access to DeFi and NFT's Discord channel, where the Degenes share their alpha

- Airdrop and other perks

How to become Super YIEDLers

- Participate in community calls

- Make suggestions on OptyFi Discord

- Share as much as you can about the project

- Generate content about OptyFi. Articles, videos, newspapers, everything will be welcomed and thanked.

Now let's get you all the links you need: 

ā€“ OptyFi Twitter 

ā€“ OptyFi Discord

We are the club and eveyone will know about us...


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