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AMA: YIN Finance meets Gem City + prizes


Moni Talks: YIN Finance is coming! Gem City is ready for this AMASo the first question. Could you please briefly introduce about YIN Finance?

Yin Finance: YIN Finance is a multi-strategy NFT liquidity management platform that allows users to subscribe to liquidity management strategies to achieve effective high-yield. We aim to provide proactive liquidity management services on different public chains and decentralized exchanges. Currently, we are going to deploy on the Ethereum MainNet, subsequently we have plan to launch on BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana and Harmony.

Moni Talks
: Love it. Sound like a game changer, thank you! Let's continue. Could you plz introduce about yourself and the team behind YIN Finance?
Yin Finance: My name is Marco and I’m responsible for external communication and collaboration in YIN Finance team. I am mainly responsible for our global marketing strategy, user growth, project collaboration and pitches to Venture Capitals.We are an anonymous team. The team at YIN Finance consists of several ‘scientists’, each with top DeFi development and community white hat experience. Our team members possess rich experience in DeFi project development, professional liquidity strategies as well as smart contract auditing experience, thus ensuring the security and financial return of our project.

Moni Talks
: Good, i c it! So let's speak some about the...naming? 

 YIN is unusual name. Our followers asked many-many questions about this name.

So! Where does the project name come from? Why did you choose that name for your project?

Yin Finance: The name YIN is derived from the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang — the concept of dualism, describing how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. This is almost a perfect representation of what a liquidity pool is, as it requires a balance of two assets added into a pool. If one asset starts decreasing in volume, the price gets raised to a level where equilibrium is restored between both assets — hence, a yin-yang type of balance.

Moni Talks: While going through the Yin Finance project we found lots of terms Like Chi, Yin, Yang are used which are ancient Chinese philosophy words related to Taoism/Daoism religion. Why did you decide to unite the cryptographic world with spirituality? Any particular "personal experience" you wish to share with us?Yin Finance: As described in previous answer, it’s about the concept of “balance”. Liquidity pool with two assets as a pair needs to be balance at all time to maintain the equilibrium, and that is really similar to yin-yang concept. On a personal level, from all perspectives in life, I believe in being balance too, no matter what I do, I emphasize on being balance, not too much, not too less, even for things / experiences that might be a lil risky.Moni Talks: Balance is really important in the cryptocurrency life, agree with you. It's cool we see not only the project itself, but also the philosophy behind it.'s okay. Let's move on and let me ask you some questions on the project: Would you mind to elaborate further on YIN Finance and what are the different features that users like us can expect?

Yin Finance: YIN Finance consists of 4 modules: (1) YIN, which is the governance token; (2) YANG, the user’s personal vault; (3) CHI, the programmable strategies and (4) Grand Master, the leverage pool. We can offer active liquidity management, automatic reinvestment and multi-party yield farming services for users. CHI is the most important module because it is the core competitive advantage of YIN Finance to generate return for users. The strategy deployed via CHI are sophisticatedly designed by Shadow Labs, an institution which specialized in strategizing structural financial product, even in traditional market. Later on, expectedly in Q1 2022, YIN Finance plans to be an open platform where users can create their own strategy and allow others to subscribe!Moni Talks: Ok, got it, thank you! So some about the YIN token. Yesterday we saw the listing of YIN on DODO and other platforms. I think you got the question I want to ask. Why should I purchase and hodl YIN token? What are the benefits?Yin Finance: For our YIN token, there are 5 major benefits as below, and I hope they are justified and attractive enough to convince you folks!

- $YIN can be staked into YIN Stake Pool where users will be able to earn distributed platform transaction fees; 

- $YIN holders will be eligible for the governance of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with voting rights for proposals and updates, proportional to the amount they hold; 

- Users can add leverage into their leveraged liquidity pool, proportional to the amount they hold; 

- Users will also receive gains from liquidation within leveraged liquidity pools

- $YIN is also required when creating personalized smart strategy CHIs in YIN Finance MainNet V2.

Moni Talks:
You know last time hacking is like a big monster from our childhood dreams. Everyone in crypto is afraid of being hacked. What ‘s Yin solutions to secure the money ? What ‘s Yin solutions to secure clients’ asset?

Yin Finance: No worries mate, the more the merrier! Welcome all new joiners! There are two aspects and let me approach it in two parts. From security standpoint, our contract code is being audited by two institutions, Secbit & Slowmist. Slowmist audit is completed while Secbit’s audit is still on-going and we expect it to finish very soon! Apart from stringent audit, there are also many community white hats within our team. In order to ensure the safety of users’ assets, we have a relevant risk control measure in place. Security of asset on our platform is our utmost priority! From our strategy reliability perspective, at the beginning, all CHI strategies will be provided by the YIN team through Shadow Labs, a premium research institution responsible for the research and development of active liquidity strategies. They are experienced in formulating strategy to capture financial return, even in traditional financial market. At later stage, any new CHI strategy submitted by users will be strictly audited before release for public to subscribe to.Moni Talks: Understood that there are a few service providers in the liquidity management space already. Could you plz share with us who are your competitors and what is YIN Finance’s unique selling point? Yin Finance: Yes, liquidity management in DeFi is an undiscovered gold mine and many have been paying attention to it even before the launch of Uniswap V3. YIN Finance chose to be an active liquidity management platform and is in position to make great optimizations among existing competitors. Some players already in the market for reference are Visor, Charm, Tokemak, Unipilot and Popsicle Finance.Taking Visor as an example, as we all know, Visor and YIN Finance share the principle of active liquidity management. However, major distinctions exist. Visor platform is the sole provider/creator of its strategies. Focused on high volatility strategies in the ETH-USDC trading pair, users mainly gain from fees incurred.

YIN Finance allows user-created strategies, and the platform also provides low-volatility stablecoin strategies, third-party mining protocols, and interoperability supported for optimized strategy capacity. Therefore, YIN’s position is a more comprehensive, profitable & compatible platform for users.

Moni Talks: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Yin Finance: As a summary, let me list them briefly, just to name a few, auto-reinvest, auto price range adjustment (you would know how pain this is if you have tried Uniswap V3), multi-chain deployment, user-created strategies (means you can also create strategy and earn more with it, provided it’s a good strategy that yield), backed by strong investors with vast connections (I have a hard time listing out all the potential discussions going on right now to push our project to the next level, too many) and etc.

Moni Talks:
That's why I would like to ask you the next question regarding ETH. Ethereum is currently facing issues with the high gas fee but it may be solved in coming times, What advantage do you have in the MATIC ecosystem? Will you plan to move to Ethereum platform in future?

Yin Finance: Well, we are not currently on MATIC ecosystem yet but we have kicked off our work to be incorporated into this chain. We have received grant from Polygon too! For a start, we are actually on Eth chain already, our YIN token is already listed and traded on Eth chain (as well as BSC chain). Please pay close attention to our Twitter account for the latest update, I can sneakily share with you that our mainnet is our key next milestone and it’s going to happen in coming weeks!

Moni Talks: let me leave your twitter link here. To followers could check all updates

Ok, it's cool. Let's move on and speak some about the most important crypto thing – networking and connections. Could you plz share about partnerships established and also investors for YIN Finance?

Yin Finance: At present, we have 7 official announcements, about our cooperation with Polygon, Parsiq、parami, 1sol, wepiggy, DODO, goPocket, Drops and there will be more official announcements about YIN Finance co-operations in the future, we will announce it according to our road map. We also have our weekly report on our Twitter, which gives updates on all developments including partnership update from YIN Finance. Investment institutions include Fenbushi Capital, SevenX, Axia8, RBC Capital,EVG, Krypital Capital, DODO and etc. All investors also provide strategic partnerships that help with the success of YIN Finance. As we speak, we are also in contact with multiple investors and actively looking for synergy and potential value added from each parties. For grant, we have already secure one from Polygon team so rest assured we have close collaboration with polygon and look forward to deploy on it. On the other hand, we are also working closely with other teams for grants and will disclose soon in our official channels.

Moni Talks: Good good good. So we will be watching carefully. The question from our follower, as I mentioned before, strategies are cool, but we have one problem here. So our follower wanna know: 

You want to offer users the ability to create their strategies and multi-strategy management. But many users are not well informed and do not have the knowledge and skills. Do you have plans to educate the community and potential users, to raise their awareness and literacy about your project and the DEFI sector in general?

Yin Finance: Yes, once we are set with a running products and earning from the platform. Part of our resources will be dedicated to educate the beginners, either to pick the right strategy and deploy asset, or to formulate strategy for a seasoned Defi-er. From the start, we are looking forward for seasoned Defi-er to deploy their asset first (since they are familiar with how defi works already), then slowly we will put up educational section for the general users to follow and learn!

Moni Talks: wooow cool, so education in crypto is more important than profits I think. Our Gem City journey is coming to the end, but the Yin Finance journey is going on!

Finally, would you tell us more about your upcoming roadmap and how we can get involve in the journey with YIN Finance?

Yin Finance: November and December 2021 are very exciting period for us. We have completed IDO on DAOMaker and DODO. Our coin is also listed on platforms like DODO, Gate and MEXC 24 hours ago! In Q1 2022, we anticipate to have user created strategy live so we move into more opened platform environment where public users can involve too. And of course, we will focus on extending our reach to other chains in Q1 2022.

To get involved, firstly please follow our Twitter and Telegram accounts below to receive the latest news and update. You can also ask questions in the Telegram group should you have any doubt. Secondly, do get some YIN tokens through IDO / DEX / CEX (once we announce the listing) so you are with us through the journey. Thirdly, please head over to YIN Finance website for a quick browsing. If you like or have any comment on what we have got to offer, please feel free to let us know! Thank you!

Moni Talks: wow cool! I would like to say users should get announcements only via your official link to avoid scams, so let me share the links to YIN Finance here. Deck:

Ambassador program:

🔎 Bug Bounty:

🌐 Website:

⭕️ Twitter:  

📍 Telegram: 

👉 Medium:

🔗 Discord:

💻 Github:

Use only these links folks and check the YIN Finance project to feel the balanceYin Finance: Yea, as our project grows in popularity among users, it also grew famous with scammers. Watch out guys!Moni Talks: Ha ha, scammers are the result of growing, we know it. Sooo thank you for coming and thank you for your answers! We got the full info to know your project closer and better. We will get these questions + answers and translate them into Russian and post as a doc ASAPYin Finance: Oh great!Moni Talks:  Once again, thank you for coming! We wish you to meet a great success and continue your journey. And yes, always keep balance.Yin Finance: Amazing! Thanks all and have a good one.


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