Defi Yield Duck.

At Farm Milka Ranch Yield Duck talks about juicy yield ideas, giant APYs and farming trends. Which DeFi protocols seeds to plant and how to fertilize gains.
Moni Talks x Delta Theta

Know all those complicated cryptocurrency terms? Cryptocurrency farming, cryptocurrency staking... Complicated! Somebody tell me how to invest in DeFi projects and how to make money from DeFi projects! What is DeFi? How does DeFi work? How do you buy DeFi tokens? Is DeFi a scam or not? Who will tell? Daily news about DeFi, farming, staking and project news. It's all there in general: Uniswap, 1inch, Near, Allbridge, Compound, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap. We write about every blockchain - Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom and Polygon. How do get into whitelist projects? What is whitelist in crypto projects? What is whitelist? How to get into whitelist? What is ICO? What is an IDO? What is an airdrop? How do get airdrop tokens? Digest for true degens and cryptocurrency traders! The hardest thing for a newbie is to buy DeFi tokens. Uniswap or SushiSwap? Which DeFi exchange is the best? Or maybe it's better to go to Binance Smart Chain aka BSC and buy DeFi tokens on PancakeSwap? We'll talk about that too. More questions on DeFi - how do get make a big APY on DeFi projects? Well, so that you can make a million dollars on cryptocurrency! Of course, we won't tell you how to become Elon Musk, but we will tell you the best DeFi projects for farming and stealing. We write about this at the end of each of our DeFi digests! Generally speaking, DeFi is not difficult. The main thing is to be able to drain the airdrop in time. Or get an erdrop in time to increase your trading deposit. Are you a degen or a hamster? I don't care! With us, you'll understand what DeFi is all about. How to DeFi? We know! Uniswap have given away airdrop. Free cryptocurrency! Come to think of it, you can get cryptocurrency for free. 1inch made an airdrop. And you missed it. DeFi gives generously to its loyal users and makes them millionaires. We're not Robert Kiyosaki, but we can help you understand DeFi. It is best to invest in DeFi as carefully as possible. After all, not everyone understands what DeFi is. Newbies very often lose money on DeFi projects. But we don't write about scams, only about the top DeFi projects. And we usually spice up our digests with DeFi projects with high APY. In other words, DeFi projects with high APY are our speciality! How do get launch a DeFi project? Do you need to download DeFi? We can tell you about that too!