WTF is NFTEDITION #42, 24 May

Take care of your Twitter at an early age


Hi OG 🖼
Today's hero of the day without the blockchain, just kidding - it is! The most famous marketplace of our favourite jpegs is Opensea. And what did Opensea do the other day? Opensea was introducing technology. Let's talk about what he's been up to. Next, let's go over the most expensive NFT artist and what was done to his Twitter followers. Btw, a digest at ⅔ criminal and one innovative. Somehow.

A jpeg is coursing through our veins!


How BIPPLE got Twitter stolen

The highly acclaimed Bipple JPEG artist, Mike Winkelmann, has been rekted with his Twitter account. The tweet left a link to a collab with Louis Vuitton on his behalf, and in fact, the scammers stole the ACC and tweeted the phishing link. The money was stolen by $70,000, which of course, while not much, is, on the other hand, not insignificant. 


Cannot be owned, cannot be sold

Opensea put up a suspicious activity tag on BAYC #2162. The owner of the BAYC mortgaged it to the NFTfi lending platform and failed to repay the loan. While the matter is being handled, and literally, Opensea has made it so that the monkey cannot be bought or sold - and it is worth 96 ether or $190.00 in the meantime. That's a shame.


OpenSea has invented bartering

New protocol Seaport allows you to collect all your shitNFT put a little ether on top and try to get something valuable for it, or even swap jpeg for jpeg without looking, and you can bid on the collection. In short, they invented a market and made haggling enthusiasts happy.


NFT buzz

Okay Bears Yacht Club

What do you have to do to get a woooow and a hype collection? The boring yacht club bears, what do you think they can do? You take two hype ones and make your own; what if it works out?

Kith Friends

Another fruity mix, but not inspired by the real thing: Kith and Invisible Friends. ETH for now, but who knows their plans? 


Another weird dudes, but with a closed discord, merch and generally a community with irl hangouts. You might want to take a closer look.

looking for alpha

We bring you Alpha info every week on the collection, and you make DYOR. We discuss findings and ideas on our discord. Let's go! 



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