WTF is NFTEDITION #51, 26 July

NFT has flipped electric cars hmm


Hey OG 🖼

So, old boy, time to dip your head into the world of jpegs? I'll just say that JPEGS live, evolve, and we're looking for new blue chips. You know, I'm in the mood today... no introductions.

jpegs are coursing through your veins!

Market this week


Asian fun

The other day a respectable Canadian accounting firm KPMG and the HSBC banking corporation banged out a study called "The New Giants in the Asia-Pacific Region" or some like. And you know what it showed? 

A quarter of all businesses in the region are cryptocurrency related. NFT and DeFi flipped areas like electric cars, quantum computing, robotic process automation, satellites, Internet of Things security, and more.


Solana summer

OpenSea, having added the support of Solana, the mainETH killer HA HA, decided not to stop and launches Solana Launchpad.

Now you won't miss Solana summer for sure, and you can continue to rekt for a whole month now on Opensea as well! We're waiting for another high-profile hack, so to speak, to celebrate a new crypto wave. Joke. Or not…

And remember...


Epic Games, represented by their founder Tim Sweeney, announced that they would not ban NFT in their games. HM! Eminem and Snoop Dogg shoot music videos with these pictures, why should we ban it lol? 

He made that statement not because he got into a raffle on the premint yesterday, but because of the recent ban on NFT from Mojang Studios, aka Minecraft devs. 


NFT buzz

 Office Hours Official

Okay, we have more than just a picture here. Each token is a profession from around the world, and each has its schedule and salary. It's not my idea; that's what it says.


Why are cats worse than owls, especially ones that are MOON. Although you know yourself, two of the same sort of off ... and cost just completely different. 

[ Ledger ] Market Pass - Genesis Edition

Well, Ledger is known by every1. Maybe you just do not need it if you don't know what it is. So LEDGER NFTs. DYOR.

GEM OR NO GEM?looking for alpha

We bring you Alpha info every week on the collection, and you make DYOR. We discuss findings and ideas on our discord. Let's go!     





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