WTF is NFTEDITION #49, 12 July

What is this NFT?


Hi OG 🖼

If you've been missing some SHIT in your life, we've brought you some NFTs on Ripple. Surely you've got a couple of bags of that wondrous rocket stashed away. Btw, if you've ever heard the word 'derivative' and about the CryptoPunks collection, then you'll know what the Saudis are all about. Another scandalous blogger decided to make an NFT from an expensive IRL Pikachu card. He would have, and he did, but it's interesting, so let's look into it.

jpeg is coursing through the veins!

Market this week


We don't need that kind of mint

Indian crypto exchange CrossTower has paired up with the world's best XRP blockchain.  Customers will be allowed to buy NFT based on XRPL (XRP Ledger) using their credit cards.

Very interestingly, for all that, the CrossTower team is keen to make life easier for the creators to make their journey into the world of NFT smooth. Now that's something I wouldn't want to check out if it's smooth.

Behind the turban turban

The surprise NFT collection has made a SCANDAL as it usually does. The Saudis hit this week with 5,555,000 of, you wouldn't believe, Saudis, which went from a free mint collection to pictures on a pretty good floor

The jpegs have again been reminded that they are more alive than ever, and free mints can give thrush and more! 


A cunning plan is such a cunning plan

PepsiCo TikTok and YouTube star and just media personality Logan Paul snagged himself a Pikachu card for a modest $5,275,000. He made 50,000,000 tokens and sold half of it, symbolising ownership of part of the card. Deciding why he should be so lucky on his own, Paul chose to share it with his fans.

Given that the card is physically in Paul's possession, he also co-founded the platform, and there's a fee for every transaction, the business is undoubtedly a cannon. A high five for entrepreneurialism and a flat for slyness.


NFT buzz

Theirsverse Official

Cute dolls! Metarvers, painters, Web2, and Web3, are all just as you like and yummy.

Bored & Dangerous 

Do you say it reminds you of something? I don't know anything! Please read the description carefully; there's so much buckeye it's like it's interesting. DORE with you!

Bone Ducks

Ducks who survived the nuclear apocalypse! A little sanctuary in the metaverse, 8bit, ducks. What more do you need?

GEM OR NO GEM?looking for alpha

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