WTF is NFT31 May

China doesn't run anymore, and you?


Hi OG 🖼

Have you had a chance to run in trainers, or are you still doing it? Today we have some "cool" news about China and StepN; Nike and Puma, Solana and scammers. 


Market this week


STEPN is closing down in China

The StepN guys have announced that they would love to fight for the health of the Chinese nation further, but their legislation is clearly against it. So the shop-walker in China is shutting down, thank you all.

Project GST and GMT tokens prices dumped by 10% and 30%, respectively, but quickly returned to previous prices. So quite sad and kind of not really.



NFT-studio RTFKT, known for being acquired by NIKE, is quietly snapping up ENS domains. The last one, for example, was bought by dotswoosh.eth for 19.72 ETH. RTFKT already released an NFT collection in April and decided not to stop there. 

Nike's sports competitor, Puma, isn't lagging behind either and previously re-branded its Twitter account to puma.eth. Apparently, crypto fields are being taken seriously; if all goes well, you'll be rich and athletic.


The team turned out to be stronger

It started, as always, with a hack. Uncharted NFT studio's Discord was hacked, and as a result, 109 wallets were put up for tokens and NFTs. However, the crafty World of Solana community increased the royalty for selling these NFTs from 5% to 98%.

When the asshole sold the stolen money, he got 2% of it, and the community redeemed some part of it, and the other component was returned too. It's a fable if you want to read a fable.


NFT buzz

Buy this NFT or I'll do it

So this is a digital art. Well, at least it's unusual. In the NFT you know - the more wild, the better, but here all the stars are aligned.

Gents Croquet Club

Not another "metaverse" project, the description tells us. See if they're right, and it isn't another metaverse.

Memurs - Official

A collection of 4,444 memurs on Ethereum. There is no roadmap, no controversy, no "usefulness", just cute arts and memes. Is free mint the new trend?


looking for alpha

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