Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #639, 23 November

Let’s SPIN with Moni Talks!


Hey Moni Maker 🌚

Today, in 1852, they invented a post box in England. Eh, it’s a king of a thing your physical letters go into. Eh, it’s fascinating! 

So humanity just digitised a post box and turned it into an email. The same way Satoshi digitised money into Bitcoin. Some crypto heads try to digitise the whole world into the metaverse! Wow…but…but plz do not lose yourself in this digitising.

Let’s go!


Let’s SPIN and earn airdrops with Moni Talks

Yesterday, we told you Spin approves airdrop. And so now they gonna give it to us! Literally. To us! To Moni Talks Community. But…we should pass some quests first. 

Long story short, an airdrop will be split up into two parts: the first one will be gotten by early users. Top guilds will get the second one.

Top 1 Guild — 2.5% of an airdrop;

Top 2 Guild — 1.5% of an airdrop;

Top 3 Guild — 1% of an airdrop.

Six guilds in total. We are one of them. “Moni Talks Guild”. How many tokens they will release - dunno. No info for now, but the first quest is coming today. So do the next steps: 

– Come here

– Find “GUILD WARS” and click on money smile

– Wait for the 1st quests. 

Everything will come later. So let’s WIN! 

UPD. The guild is full. So choose another one :( 


Moni Wizards NFT are here!



Give royalties back to NFT artists!

Press: X2Y2 came to senses. Digital clothes and bottles. Coll collections. Digest is an esthete. 

Check this Digest on Telegram or on the website



Airdrop - is a free distribution of project tokens. As a rule, projects make airdrops for early users. Examples: 1inch and Uniswap.

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


Some more news?!

- U.S. senators want Fidelity to reconsider its intentions to develop a bitcoin-related retirement product

- Australian bitcoin miner forced to pay $107.8 million debt

- Cardano blockchain founder and Snoop Dogg star in the music video

- Pepsi plans to enter NFT

- Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase may file for bankruptcy soon - Insider 4chan


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