Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #596, 22 September

The bear market is good for your health!


Hey Moni Maker 🙄

Today is International Elephant Protection Day. That's right! Hands off the elephants; what have they done to you? Elephants walk around, eating, hanging out together, bathing...don't think that if you break into someone else's life for your benefit, you will get that benefit. It's like in the crypto market: if you scam others, sooner or later, you will be scammed. So hands off the elephants! 

Let's go! 

CZ took hopium pills to avoid the FED rates

Every crypto mf is going crazy rn! All of us wanna see the next bullish cycle, but…let us give you some advice. Do not wait for it in the near future. Yesterday the FED raised rates by 0,75%, so it’s 3-3,25% now. So the FED head also shared a lot of negative things in his speech: the prices meet ATH, the external economy is weak and so on. 

Reading that, you could think about McDonald’s uniform, but…

Comrade CZ thinks differently. the Binance head gave us some hopium at the Messari conferation called Mainnet. He said the bear market is good for crypto and yes, evaluating the crypto market by BTC price is silly. Much better to pay attention to web3 users, increasing amount of good projects and so on. 

Btw, CZ didn’t tell the day when this bear would turn into a bull. All that he said was, “ride out the winter”. GREAT advice broooo! 


Depressed Citizens: depressive premints (+25 AL ruffle!)

Hm, yes, we told you already about Depressed Citizens yesterday, thanks to our NFT digest here. So now it’s time to refresh the memory and ruffle 25 allowlists! 


Depressed Citizens is 3333 hand-drawn depressed townspeople, which is vital and may resonate in the hearts of the living prototypes—you and us. 

Btw, the classes of townspeople were created according to the statistics of the U.S. Depression. Apparently, to maximize identification with NFT. Such attention to detail, social concern, and the whole thing are immensely gratifying. Also, DegenScore shills them; take a look? 

Check a review on the project from Moni Team here


Mint will take place on Sept 30. Price: 0,066 ETH. Steps to get the allowlist: 

– Follow Depressed Discord

– Follow Moni Talks

– Fill out the form

We’ll announce 25 winners on Sept 26! Good luck! 


What social tokens are and why we need them?

Attention! You will find nothin about airdrops, premint and gems in this article. It’s about social tokens, their value and 10 ways of imroving them.

Check it here, yo



Bull market - is a state of the market when your favourite coins are going up... In fact, everything is growing! The opposite of a bull market is a bear market when everything is stagnant or failing.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


More news?! 

– China will test the electronic yuan, CBDC, in the most populous provinces

– Vitalik Buterin defends DAO from mass criticism

– Hacker stole $3.3 million using Profanity tools

– Ethical hacker found a multimillion-dollar vulnerability in Arbitrum bridge

– NFT marketplace Opensea announces support for Arbitrum Layer


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