Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #637, 21 November

DeFi have to speak up!


Hey Moni Maker 🧠

Today they celebrate TV Day in the world. Ok, we can ignore traditional channels of communication provided that Discords and Telegrams are outplaying everything, but… but we have to study how to communicate with everyone via every channel . Otherwise, Mass Adoption will never come. 

Nothing to say more. Let’s go! 

DeFi have to speak up! To never meet the FTX case once again…

They published an article manifesto on Decrypt. The author is The Index Coop. Firstly, The Index Coop is the DeFi products provider. And secondly, the article may be a paid promotion but whatever? Ideas are facts. 

So! Let’s start… 

The article’s author calls for the DeFi community to start communications with the world. Why?

– Most people can’t distinguish DeFi and FTX

– That’s why we have to explain them 

– DeFi is the only cure for FTX illnesses, ofc being not ideal as well 

The most critical problem the author touches on is Crypto Twitter. No, it’s okay, but the crypto community do not communicate with the rest of this world, closing the crypto doors for everyone else. 

So we have to speak to normies. 

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– All necessary links, Discords, and so on

– News and updates

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No explanations anymore. If you got - you got. 



AirDAO: Free Bridge!

In honour of BUSD appearing in the AirDAO Bridge and AMB/BUSD pool at FirepotSwap, AirDAO announces communism…oh no. The freedom of commissions until November 24! 

As you know, AirDAO Bridge is a crucial element of the ecosystem. We suggest you swap tokens. Maybe airdrop, sir? The link.

So if you missed the review, check it out here



DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. That is, it is a group of people passionate about a common goal but do not have a single decision-making centre. In short, democracy! The DAO takes all steps in the development of the project through proposals. The DAO members vote for or against a proposal using project tokens.

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


Some more news?!

- Hundreds of Twitter employees want to quit after Elon Musk's ultimatum

- India is an unviable market for cryptocurrency trading - Binance CEO

- FTX executives bought luxury homes with user funds


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