Degen StuffEDITION #195, 24 November

Gem City against the Twitter fray!

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Hey Moni Maker 👾

Today, Gem City DAO has come up with a new proposal. It's about Twitter fights. The warring parties have to resolve conflicts in a metaverse called "Get Punched in the Face". This metaverse was built back in Etherium City. It was made by Gemsi, based on duelling in the Wild West.

Follow our Telegram and Twitter to conflicts turn into Gemsy! And remember...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


The world will be destroyed if you miss them

Apollo TGE 



1️⃣ Masa investor interest

2️⃣ Beta waitlist


Optics bridge has been compromised

Digest is here to warn you!

Optics bridge has been compromised. multisig wallet ownership is transfered, team doesnt know who transfered it or who controls the new multisig. Timelock is set to 1s.

Swap your Optics ETH/BTC ASAP if you have any and do NOT use optics bridge!Police cars revolving light

And we continue! 


Big Power Ranger

Polygon and Akash are teaming up in the name of dApp development. The main goal is to give a decentralized environment to developers.

You can take a huge amount of dApp and join a decentralized cloud. Cool.

- It's inexpensive.

- It's easy to scale.

- Totally progressive, bro.

Also, if users would like to try to move Polygon App to Akash can ask for claiming some AKT tokens from the team! Check it here.


Trader is crying? Decommas will calm him down (review!)

What is Decommas? What's value for you? Why would you close 20 tabs and leave one with Decommas? 

Check the post and get all the answers!


A token, a drop and two X's | Edition №17

The new NFT Digest! There are drops, events, x's and news from the NFT world. Want to read? Sure! 

Press: When is the Opensea token? What's the word on drops? Is NFT more popular than Doge, Solana and Ethereum? Digest is an aesthete! 

Read the digest!  


0 days left!

Ok, ok! Let the guys earn, miss the Battle and feel FOMO for the rest of your life...

You don't want to ,rly? Ok, catch the vid, it will tell you:

– What is Portfolios' Battle? 

– How you can take part? 

– What prizes can you get? 

Watch the video and join!


See you later!

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