Degen StuffEDITION #193, 22 November 2021

Gem City helps Bitcoin City

With SpacemindShare

Hey Moni Maker 👾

Today, the Gem City DAO decided to send some Gem to Bitcoin City to strengthen the cities' relationship further. Bitcoin City has yet to respond, but the DAO is confident that cooperation will continue into the next century.

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The world will be destroyed if you miss them

THX governance token launches



1️⃣ Masa investor interest

2️⃣ Beta waitlist


DexBrowser brings us Web3 on the Peregrine Falcon

Digest loves make xxxxxx, and u? 

Gem Hunters' gaze has fallen on DexBrowser(BRO). No, it's not a counterpart to Opera or Tor, as you might think from the name, lol. It's a DEX and Web3 universal platform because you can do staking, farming, lending, multichain DEX... in short, a jack of all trades. 

And now, a jack of all trades will be held at FantomStarter on November 24. 

By the way, $BRO hodlers will have access to exclusive NFTs. And the idea of Web3 is very close to us at Moni Talks and Moni. 

Why don't we all go to DYOR and leave feedback in the chat? Yes, let's do it! 


– Medium 

– TG

And we continue! 


Apollo DAO is making tokens

Yes, come to think of it, Apollo DAO is releasing its token. We already know it will happen on November 24, but the exact time will be known later.

Next, liquidity pools will be launched with pairs to Apollo. Also, plans to start working with Nexus, fabulous in general, but DYOR pls.


I used to play ball in the yard, now I'm chasing dough at MetaSoccer

While the Winklevoss brothers are charging Mark Zuckerberg, we will be playing football in the MetaSoccer metaverse! 

You can't miss any of these projects, lest you get FOMO later. MetaSoccer is a kind of play-to-earn metaverse where you can put together a team of football players and make those bitches sweat! And make money at the same time.  

IDO will be held at DAO Maker December 6. 

Also, these football lovers launched a community round, so you can win $100 allocation:

Kick the from and win

Kick the TG group


YIEDLers - a club for true degens (What OptyFi is?)

What are OptyFi and YIEDLers Club? What perks can you get? How will they make life better for degens? Join the club, buddy! 

Read this letter before joining…


Get down, ape! OogaVerse fly in

We recently hosted a bombastic Russian stream with Wizzard and GM, where the guys laid out the NFT world. We said that our followers were in for an announcement on the same stream! 

You've been waiting, you've been DMing, you've been hoping...and here it is: 

- SpaceApes is now OogaVerse

The dudes have rebranded, and now their SpaceApes is called OogaVerse. Forget the boring NFT collections; we will take over the metaverse! Zuckerberg, f@ck off. 

- You can join their Discord

How to start your way to the NFT? Like we discussed on the stream, the community is the answer. You got one, don't blow it, or you'll be FOMO again. 

Join Discord 

Check Twitter


Solv is getting big like your…

Solv Protocol reported their TVL exceeded $50 million and will soon exceed $100 million. At the moment, TVL is at $77 million.

Wow, that's an excellent result. We congratulate the guys. And congratulations to you because we told you about this project back in our article.


Synapse has come to the rescue of Bob

Synapse now supports Bobanetwork. Well yeah, that's what they're tweeting. 

So there will be a bridge for DAI, USDC, USDT, add ETH. Everything is just the way we like it. 

By the way, that's not all. Rewards for the Boba nUSD pool are coming soon. So, getting rich off the beans? DYOR! 


You and me xDeFi tonight, bro?

xDeFi certainly made a lot of noise. We've written about their whitelists, and sales, and all sorts of things. 

Today we want to write about the upcoming listing at the gate - it will be on November 22nd at 12:00 UTC.

 And the main thing: avoid scams! Only CoinGecko and CMC have coins so far. 

And let's have a chat - how much did you make on xDeFi? :) 


Boy wanna IDO, Boy wanna SolChicks!

A2DAO, Gem City keeps an eye on your IDOs and unboxes the DYOR machines. After all, today, we have SolChicks

It's a Play-To-Earn game, A mixture of Diablo, fairy tale heroes and stuff like that. Btw, you can play the demo here


HardCap: $140,000.

Allocation: $500

IDO price: $0.05 

Slots: 280

Conditions: Unlock 25% on TGE and 25% each subsequent month on a linear basis.

How do I get into the community round?

Via Gleam, of course! 

Any questions?

Join the TG chat :) 


Let's win this fcking Battle!

Guys, as you know, our Portfolios' Battle will start November 24. So we made a video guide for you to explain you:

– What is Portfolios' Battle? 

– How you can take part? 

– What prizes can you get? 

Watch the video and join! 


See you later!

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