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Hey Moni Maker 👩‍🚒 

Today is Walrus Day in Russia. It must be awesome to be a walrus, huh? You lie there, your fangs huge. You swim if you want, lie down if you wish. But you and I are crypto dogs, and we can't stop. The market runs like walruses chase fish; that is why our task is to make x's and find alpha. 

Digest will help us do that. Let's go!


NFT is the word of the year

Collins Dictionary has made NFT its word of the year.

The abbreviation of non-fungible token has seen a “meteoric” rise in usage over the last year, said Collins, up 11,000% in the last year. Any digital creation can become an NFT, with the term referring to a certificate of ownership, registered on a blockchain, or digital ledger of transactions. The most valuable NFT to date is a collage by digital artist Beeple, which sold for £50.3m at Christie’s in March.

Collins defines NFT as “a unique digital certificate, registered in a blockchain, that is used to record ownership of an asset such as an artwork or a collectible”; its lexicographers, who monitor the 4.5bn-word Collins Corpus to choose their word of the year, said they went for NFT because it demonstrates a “unique technicolour collision of art, technology and commerce” that has “broken through the Covid noise” to become ubiquitous.

So what? 

The only NFT of yours that xxxed by 11,000% :) 


Celsius Network pays well

Celsius is a centralized company, like crypto staking and lending and stuff. 

Anyway, they invested $300 million in bitcoin mining. And at the beginning of the year they invested $200 million into mining equipment.

Well, the company says, "Everything is going according to plan. We have invested in mining and we will invest a lot more." Some1 tries to avoid McDonald's :) 


Create your own blockchain saga in Duskbreakers?

What is Duskbreakers? Can we write the plot ourselves? What phases are there anyway? We explained! 

Go here and create your own game!


India wanna be the new China?

The Indian government recently announced that they were going to ban some crypto. You know how it is? We ban this, we ban that, in the end they will think for five years, and then they will ban themselves. 

Long story short, the Hindus are not just anyone. That is why they made a fuss in no time. The bitcoin to their currency just rolled away. Bottom line is what? Nothing, nobody has banned anything yet.

By the way, India wants to do this to give way to their digital currency.


I'm a farming don. Learn, b!tch! | Edition №20

Press: BSC fights for respect! Better call SOL? ETH at 10k? Where to throw the stables? Digest thrown in! 

Let's read it!


No Constitution for the People

After five days of uncertainty, the decentralized autonomous organization ConstitutionDAO announced today it will be shutting down operations, turning its Discord community to read-only and leaving its Juicebox funding portal open only for contributors to claim refunds.

“We believe this project has run its course,” the ConstitutionDAO website now states.

Btw, if the project scammed, that would just be meta-super irony. Trick with people by promising them some kind of freedom. Oh wait, wait a minute....


We and OogaVerse are!

We are pleased to announce... no... We're happy to tell....ugh! F@ck all those annoying phrases when it comes to OogaVerse, whoo!

We're f*cking thrilled to announce that we're now waltzing into this jpeg aka NFT world, with OogaVerse. 

The whole Moni Talks team has joined their discord; it's cosy, exciting and loads of helpful stuff. 

So join us, bro! 

Psst, the guys will also be giving three whitelists for their upcoming sale to the three winners of the Battle of the Portfolios.



Pump — is planned and sharp pumping of the value of the coin, then to sell it at the highest possible price. As a rule, pumps are typical for coins with low capitalization. Therefore, manipulators are trying to attract as many people as possible to the project in order to control the price.

And more you can find in our Glossary!



And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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