WTF is NFTEDITION #40, 10 May

Who the SEC is crying about and why the NFT is on Instagram

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Hey, OG 🖼

Hello, fred! I hope you weren't so wealthy that you bought Azuki? If not, check it out now might be enough, and if you did, don't cry; soon, you'll be able to flex the original blue-chip right on your Instagram if, of course, someone on your Instagram can appreciate such a flex...

The current owner of Twitter isn't a fan of NFT in general and monkeys in particular, and as we know, he's more of a doge fan. Too bad no one can ban him from tweeting anymore unless he comes to his senses, which is highly doubtful.

  Jpeg is coursing through your veins!


Market this week


You can't undo what you say and send

It looks like, Azuki's founder has something on his mind, maybe he was sad on the down-trend, or perhaps he didn't take his vitamins in the spring. Btw, he wrote an article from which we can conclude that his previous projects can't be called good ones, only scams and rug pull.

The public, for some reason, did not appreciate the given impulse and Azuki's floor has dropped together with Zagabond's reputation (the actual founder) by 45%.


Instagram adds support for NFT

Instagram has announced that they are testing NFT, which means that shortly, you can plug in your MetaMask and even OpenSea, and turn your page into a RectoGram with jpegs.

They promise to add Ethereum and Polygon, followed by Flow and Solana. Third-party wallets compatible for use at launch will include Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, with Coinbase, Dapper and Phantom coming soon. So, a good cause for sure; let's see what happens.



Elon "Confiscate his phone" Musk had fun on Twitter again - firstly, he uploaded to his avatar a collage with BAYCs, which pumped $APE rate by 15% and then he mentioned that NFTs are not so fungible, which pumped $APE rate to the other side.

Of course, it is good to be Elon sitting bored and thinking, "Should I pump something?". You pump, but you're still bored, so you need to dump it, and then you dump it, and it kind of gets easier.


NFT buzz

PXN: Ghost Division

What a beauty: The underside of Web3. The shadow is vague, shapeless, but timeless. Fresh, and the floor is already under four ether

Murakami Flowers

The hero of our last digest, making kids rich. The floor is 3.7 ETH, and Takeshi's grandfather is still famous and musing on a new collection.

Mindblowon V2

Strange boys from already seasoned NFT artists. The floor is relatively modest (0.34 ETH) and promises metaverse and stuff as always, so keep an eye out.


looking for alpha

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