WTF is NFTEDITION #39, 03 May

Monkeys know no rest

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Hey, OG 🖼

Ready for our traditional secondary NFT nonsense? Let's see what's exciting and what's been minted. Top 1 was, of course, the Yuga Labs land sale in the metaverse; there was also the story of how Murakami's grandfather made a little boy very wealthy...and then there's a bunch more.

Jpeg is coursing through your veins!


Market this week

Gas burn gas gas


The Otherdeed for Otherside land sale is over

The Otherdeed for Otherside land sale is over

Well! I think everyone knows about the BAYC sale, but the results can be checked once again. We got 64.000 ETH (180.000.000) worth of gas, traded volumes of $250.000.000; some people were lucky enough to get x2.

Who couldn't get the land but tried, Yuga Lab compensates purely from the heart of the burned gas. Respect! Because on technical nuances of the sale already was expressed fuuuu from technical experts.

Btw the guys are going to do their own blockchain...well wait for it.


Bald head - no NFT mercy

Coinbase NFT-market launched with a fat fart, but it's still a beta, so let's be understanding. 100 ETH was traded, but there seems to be some very trusted Coinbase bald guy's cronies there.

Waiting for an expected launch and a competitor (oops...) to OpenSea. At least a relief for the ordinary people in the rekt on jpegs for Coinbase is all out of itself


How one boy got some seeds from his grandfather

Murakami Flowers... how much the two words merged to the heart of a jpeg rekter. The raffle had an over of people flying in, but in the end, most of them got suckered, most of them... but not all of them. 

One boy of fifteen years of age raffled off a fucking billion postage and pulled out 170 tickets to the beautiful life; there were about 5.000.000 willing; everyone could, as they say…


NFT buzz

Okay Bears

Okay, bears, building a community coming out of your favourite internets into real life looks like an ape, do you think it will take a bullet?

Ragnarok Meta

Metaverse, meta-RPG, playable demo, pick your ronin, put it on your avatar and go farm, grind and do other stuff like in a typical MMORPG.

IO: Imaginary Ones

The collection has long been on the radar, and here it is - adorable circles with fringes or just circles ... Yes, and whether it matters, or do you appreciate the visuals?


looking for alpha

We bring you Alpha info every week on the collection, and you make DYOR. We discuss findings and ideas on our discord. Let's go!  



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