WTF is NFTEDITION #35, 05 April

EVERYONE wants to be in the NFT


GM, my young OG! 🖼

Azuki, BAYC and Panks. Although who's talking about thirds now? That's how fast things change in the world...ha! Gotcha! What, did you think I was gonna whine like a f@cking old man about how unfair the world is? No! I love these jpegs for their unpredictability, bro. 

Jpeg is coursing through your veins!


Market this week


OpenSea meets Solana; Magic Eden meets Ethereum

Rumours of NFT support on Solana have long been around the largest virtual image trading platform. However, now the stories have been confirmed! OpenSea has even released a short video on their Twitter feed, trolling the haters.

Magic Eden on 1 April was, in turn, supporting NFT on Ether. Isn't that a joke? Nope:)


Reddit has implemented NFT on Ethereum

Call it the guys' first experiment with NFT integration. It's also a great way to trigger people to switch from the old Reddit design to the new one. 

So, four jpegs were sold for $400,000 each to get them as pfp. 

PS: You can't use your NFT as an avatar. Only from Reddit.


Twitter has gone utterly insane with NFT and DAO

It would seem that what could these three, so to speak, digital phenomena have in common: Twitter, DAO and NFT? Well, apart from a million shillers' cases.

But Tweet DAO did come up with one:

- you mint an egg (floor is 0.4 ETH)

- and you can write any tweet from The Tweet DAO account

- ...

- PROFIT!!!1!

Ppl are already writing about virginity at 27 years old there. Some people think it's total shit, and some prophesy the future of Ether Rocks; what do you think?

Check the full post here


NFT buzz

Beanz Official 

The Beanz Official collection was sent out to all Azuki holders on 31 March 2022 during the Azuki NFT LA party. Each Azuki holder received two 'Something Official' NFTs, later renamed Beanz Official.

Arcade Land 

Metaverse with fast action games for the NFT community

Gh0stly Gh0sts 

NFT omnichain. This collection shows Gh0sts currently roaming the Ethereum Mainnet.


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