News16 June

Binance against crypto winter!


While major exchanges are announcing 10-20% staff cuts, CZ, on the other hand, says they're spinning this winter, and we're going to squeeze it out, so let's hire more people.

The optimism of the CEO of Binance certainly inspires some hope. Could it be that tothemoon is coming soon after all? Or does Binance want to go all-in and outbid Gemini, Coinbase, and others who are laying off employees? We shall have to wait and see.  

However, we are not alone in having an optimist; there is another curly-haired mischief maker on the horizon who is rumoured to have made an excellent profit on the current crypto tumbling, aka market decline. SBF has announced an increase in staff and intentions only to move forward.

Versus the one we deserve!


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