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Pharrell Williams is wobbling the system through Web3


13-time Grammy Award winner and American rap artist with his mouth - Pharrell Williams, started exploring Web3 and NFT tightly about two years ago to provide a tighter connection with fans through those jpegs of yours, but he's a little too late. And what I wasn't too late with, we'll tell you now.

At VeeCon on Saturday, the musician shared his views on Web3 and NFT in particular. In general, Williams believes that decentralized communities and creators can make a significant difference in the world by countering governments that seek to limit or disenfranchise human rights.

NFTs, on the other hand, are a great fit in the art world, not just music. The ranks of rappers in the NFT are growing, and we're waiting for everyone else to come along. Farrell is working on several Web3 projects, such as the Digital Asset Gallery, a platform for traditional artists ripe for the digital space.

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