DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #36, 23 June

I want to make the market stand up


Hey Moni Мейкер

Hello, my little farming fren. Did you miss me? Well, you see, Uncle YieldDuck is getting in shape! Three digests in a row and I'm not drunk... 

Anyway, I'm not in the mood for a long introduction today. Let's make a quick run through the market and look at the farming events. Let's go! 



Overall Legacy of the Week

TVL DeFi continues to fall like a high school graduate after a hangout. DRUNKEN GRADUATE. -10b in a week, it's rough. Well, we've seen better, huh? 

Ethereum is in the same place, once again the leading blockchain in this falling circle. -9b.

Buterin would praise: pNetwork (PNT) (+274%)

BSC made just -0.4b. Well, that'll do, all right. Especially against the backdrop of news that a case was allegedly opened on CZ in the US, kinda normal.

CZ to love:  Kebab Finance (KEBAB) (+59.28%)

TRON makes -0.14b. Justin Sun is fighting hard for his USDD, but it keeps unpegging and unpegging.

Consolation for Justin: (+13.35%)

Avalanche flies almost 2b down. Sadly...

Well, at least this: BoringDAO (BORING) (+292%)

Ms Solana has apparently become a haven for projects like WALKEN and that's it. lol but what else would you expect on a bear markeeet?

Solana Summer: Parrot Protocol (PRT) (+133%)

Polygon only loses 0.3b. OK =)

What's up:  Sphere Finance (SPHERE) (+2205%)

FTM showed -0.16b. Cronje, where are you, old boy?

CarefulMinimax (+369%)

Long DeFi Story Short:

- ZigZag has announced a public sale

- Magnety is calling to join the testnet

- Arbitrum has launched Odyssey


I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'll share some interesting farming ideas with you. Just be careful with the turns, or you might get rekt: chain, website, pair and APR.

Everscale / / QUBE-WEVER / APR 144%

Tezos / / QUIPU-uUSD / APR 160%

Tezos / XTZ-tzBTC / APR 25%

Stable Farming

Tezos / / tzBTC-uBTC / APR 1000%

Tezos / / KUSD-USDtz-uUSD / APR 4000%

Tezos / / USDC.e / uUSD / APR 1000%


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