DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #35, 16 June

The market is falling, but you don't fall


Hey Moni Maker

 Hello, rookie! So, sir, how do you like our crypto moves? Did you get carsick? That's right! 

Uncle YieldDuck seems to be getting better. I've started exercising, seeing a therapist and eating well. The guys from Moni Talks brought me some more vegetables so I could analyse the market. And Degen Hustle threw in some top-end farming places for you, bro. So...

Let's walk!


Overall Legacy of the Week

Watching the TVL DeFi market and crying. Crying and watching, watching and crying. In one week -30b, there you go again.

Ethereum has shown a "grow" of -13b for this week. Buterin, amidst the news from Terra, please don't screw up Proof-of-Stake...or I won't survive... 

Who's the cool boy: Goldfinch (GFI) (+3255%)

BNB Chain is not lagging behind its older comrade Ethereum, hence losing 2.9b from its TVL. Well, CZ is not discouraged, and even while its colleagues are shorting its ranks, so to speak, Binance will be recruiting more people to the team. 

maybe these people are going to pump the TVL, eh???

CZ would like: Neku (+151%) WARNING! There's no Twitter there for some reason; the account is deleted. DYOR!

The milk hangover in the last week's digest has made me skip TRON. This TRON, which is now actively fighting to save its USDD, cause it may repeat UST's fate. So! TRON's TVL showed - 2b for the week. 

Justin Sun would have announced: best not to write anything here...

Avalanche-avalanche, who do you want avalanche. lol, what the f@ck did I just say? I skipped these guys a week ago too. Well, they've got minus 2.3b a week on TVL charts. Yeah. 

Consolation: MinimaxFinance (+468%)

Solana TVL has almost halved; the last digest was 4.06. Now look at the picture and go nuts. 

Solana Summer: Dual Finance (+3432%) is very young

But the old Polygon has dropped almost by 1b. 

At least we have this: Solv Protocol (SOLV) (+9073%)

I don't even really follow Fantom anymore after Cronje left. I'm a pleb; what can I do? You can't keep track of all the chains, but I try. Fantom's TVL did a flip down; TVl is minus 0.52b. That's it, yeah. 

Careful: The Story of Draco (DRACO) (+4023%)

Long DeFi Story Short:

– Metamask and Phantom have patched the "demonic" security bug

– Three Arrows Capital can go to the hell

– Go to scream to the SCREAMDAO AHAHAHHAHA

– ZigZag and the airdrop hopes

– Celsius and USDD (I think you already know what is happening)

Now let’s go to the farming fields…


I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'll share some interesting farming ideas with you. Just be careful with the turns, or you might get rekt: chain, website, pair and APR. 

Everscale / / WEVER-DAI / APR 75%

Tezos / / uUSD-wUSDC / APR 23%

Tezos / / QUIPU-uUSD / APR 144%

Tezos / / XTZ-tzBTC / APR 25%

За фармилочки спасибо ребяткам из Degen Hustle! Бахни на них подписочку - там куча полезного для дегенов. 

Ну и ты это, образовывайся! Вот тебе полезные ссылочки: 

– Как делать бабки на фарминге?

Стрим + Выжимка

– Можно ли заработать на кредитных DeFi-протоколах

Стрим + Выжимка 

– Как сохранить свои активы в DeFi?


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