DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #34, 10 June

Uncle YieldDuck is carrying the market and coming back


Hey Moni Maker

Quack, quack, quack...ah, bear cub...I was gone - then back again, then gone again...tough time, this bear market. The bull run was so funny! I picked up some x's, sipped some milk and was happy... but on the bear market, what? Depression, apathy and... that's it! Don't get discouraged, dear friend. 

Uncle YieldDuck is back. The guys from Moni Talks came over, found me drunk in a barn, nursed me back to health for a week, and voila - fresh as a f@cking Ethereum 2.0. 

OK, let's go to the market, let's walk! 


Overall Legacy of the Week

Ofc, Uncle YieldDuck needs to recover a little, so I'll give you a brief update on the DeFi market situation today. I promise that I will be broadcasting on Thursdays from now on. But I crawled out on Friday... So everything is red, like your eyes after 24 hours without sleep. 

The total TVL count of our market is down 6 billion. Eh... well, okay. Moving on.

Ethereum is in the process of preparing for PoS; they recently had a test merge. But TVL dropped by 5b, thus screwing up the overall TVL picture. 

The highlight of the week: LlamaPay (+408%)

Has the old BSC become stablecoins? :D Although it's not the best time for stablecoin, hello, UST :D TVL hasn't changed much, but there's not much positivity to be seen here either. 

CZ would praise: MochiSwap (MOCHI) (+1345%)

Solana Summer even sounds a bit of a jerk now. TVL Solana is down 30 million in one week. Well, you have to know how to fall too, eh? 

Good boy: Serum (SRM) (+48.95%)

Polygon was down only 20 million. What else is there to write? I don't know; I hardly use Polygon at the moment, to be honest, and you? 

Bragging: Beluga (BELUGA) (+3876%)

Long DeFi Story Short:

– TempleDAO has come to life. Yes, yes, the lads have brought news and even made an airdrop for those who believed

– 1inch now works with Opium

– Osmosis caught an exploit

– Hop Protocol gave away an airdrop


I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'll share some interesting farming ideas with you. Just be careful with the turns, or you might get rekt...

Farming #1 - try Aurigami. Here's a link

Farming #2 is a pretty young farm. TokensFarm. At your own risk!!!!


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