DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #26, 13 January

Market! Didn't you wake up after New Year's Party?!

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Hey Moni Maker

Grraaaaah! Yield Duck from Farm Milka Ranch missed you, bro. Missed you... didn't drink at the holidays, by the way. not a drop! 

Old Yield Duck decided to go on a health kick because with this market, health is bad enough... the guys from Delta.Theta and Moni Talks came up, but their tractor got stuck, so they brought you this Digest late, damn it! 

Oh, come on. Start it up! Let's walk!


Overall Legacy of the Week

The market seems to have drunk up on the holidays and continued to fall. How can you rest at all when the whole world economy is on your mind? At least TVL didn't suffer that much... but when is it up already?

Ether dropped a couple of billion or three on the BTC price decline.

Champion of the week: yAxis (+66.67%) 

BSC TVL, of course, also fell. At this rate, we can expect not the 3rd (after Ethereum and Terra) but the 4th and lower places.

Gainer of the week: Annex (+87.11%)

SOLANA - minus a billion and a half, but Binance is building an office in the meta-universe on SOLANA - Portals, not the other way around, and that's saying something.

Boost of the week: JPool (+158%)

It's been six months since TVL Polygon went in the $4B to $6B range, and the token has been hitting new highs for a while now. There must be a scientific explanation for this.  

Consolation of the week: Tetu (+70.32%)

AVALANCHE is ready to move BSC down one more position at the first opportunity.  

Leader of the week: GMX (+36.42%)

FANTOM had one of the best results of any L1 blockchain and added almost $1B for the week. 

Opening of the week: BEETS (+89.84%)

Projects' News

Olympus DAO

A high-profile pioneering project in the DeFi segment, referred to by many degens as Ponzi 2.0, attracts attention and is actively pursuing business development. The latest forum vote is to approve the placement of the gOHM management token on the Balancer exchange, subject to the allocation of a 100k BNT incentive token package.


The forum is actively discussing the proposal to make 1inch a DEX aggregator and a platform for collecting data on derivative products and quotes. This solution requires an upgrade of smart contracts, API and mobile app, but it could take the project to a whole new level, with no apparent competitors.


The participants of the DAO decided to raise one of the most pressing issues - distribution of funds in the vault, their diversification and exchange of tokens with other protocols. Among the first candidates are ribbon finance, bancor, tokemak and convex. The market has seen the community's efforts grow by +50% over the past week, and the proposal is likely to be approved.


After partnering with liquidity service Tokemak, some DAO participants decided to discuss more efficient parameters for placing funds in the partner's "reactor pools".


I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'm going to share some interesting farming ideas with you. I've listed them down into three parts by risk profile: low, medium, and high (IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS).

Even though Delta.Theta did a good analysis, DYOR on your part is necessary! DYOR is a f@cking mask when you walk into a store! You can't go into projects without it! Gooooo!

Low Risk

An introduction to the Cronos blockchain can be started by throwing your stables on yAxis.

Medium Risk
Single-asset mining is safer but less profitable. However, there are more and more attractive strategies every time on

High Risk

It's back to cronos, but your nerves can be f@cked. 

Anyway, if you lose the money, don't even think about coming to my ranch. I'll cut your ass off and you won't be able to sit in crypto anymore. All right, I'm kidding. I'm gonna go finish my milk and go to sleep.

Follow my homies everywhere. Otherwise, there won't be any more digests!

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