WTF is NFTEDITION #27, 31 January

NFTing before the storm


My respects, Moni Maker! 馃柤

Kudos to you, my young NFT lover. It's been a slow week for big news. Very scarce... well, that's okay, there are extensive floors and X's waiting for us in the future! In the meantime, let's read this Digest, hehe.

Jpeg is coursing your veins!


Market this week


OpenSea reimbursed users more than $1.9 million

Recall that on December 31, users reported a vulnerability that allowed them to buy jpegs at an undervalued price. We have previously described the mechanics of delisting with this hole. 

OpenSea said it was "actively engaging with and reimbursing those affected" and launched a new feature for delisting.


Enter NFT without going out the window: tools, tips, hints

What tools do we use in NFT? How to define a good collection? A guide for everyone! 

Read the guide!


WikiLeaks - make NFT and free Assange

The Pak artist has announced a collaboration with WikiLeaks. Why? In cooperation with WikiLeaks, he wants to start an NFT collection with the release of Julian Assange as the leitmotif.  

Otherwise, it's not the first time that NFTs aren't just jpegs but carry some big idea. Think of the Silk Road creator's collection, for example.

Do you think this kind of action has an impact on anything...? 


Telegram is chasing the NFT avatar trend

There are no details yet, but it's already clear that Telegram will be introducing NFT avatars. Just like Twitter did recently, and Musk has criticized them for it. 

Hmmm... is there NFT on TON?...maybe they'll be the ones that display correctly.... :) 

效孝袨 袝小孝鞋, 孝袨 袝小孝鞋

NFT buzz

Creepz Shapeshifterz  Collect Creepz ShapeShifter cards to turn them into MEGA SHAPESHIFTERZ. The aim of the game? Collect all five different variations (1-5) of one character and sacrifice them to the Overlord. 

Lives of Asuna ten thousand unique lives lived by Asuna inspired by the anime NFT from Zumi and Hagglefish.

FishyFam to go on an oceanic adventure. Be sure to read their journey and principles.


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