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Mix, but remember...


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Today, in 1991, England banned cigarettes without the label "Smoking Kills". Sure, capitalism is capitalism, but our world would be a much better place if people would stop lying by at least 25%. Yes, crypto often lies too... Telegram channels tell their followers about 100x projects and then "dump these hamsters" and dissolve into thin air. Digest doesn't do that, and neither should you. Trust is more important than money. Money can be earned, but trust is not about work; it's about something much more.

Let’s go! 


Walter White brews 

Chainalysis report from yesterday. Let's start the day with it today, shall we? Well, here we go. 

This is a report the analyst guys did on the work of the mixers. You know, the platforms that mix crypto and obfuscate its tracks. And what did they find out? Numbers and facts: 

- In the second quarter of 2022, mixers processed $600 million worth of crypto. And yes, thereby beating their ATH in usage 

- Most of the dough was sent either by crooks or companies that are under sanctions

Leaders: Hydra* and Lazarus. They sent about 80% of all crypto in 2022 to mixers' addresses that were processed by mixers. Hydra is a CIS dark web market, while Lazarus is a group of North Korean hackers.

A tidbit for regulators to spit on crypto once again and start strangling it even more. Anyway, we're watching. And you can throw all the reactions you want. 

*- We didn't write about Hydra before because there's no need to advertise that shit. But now it's gone to hell where it belongs. 


Celsius has handed out the dough and is imploding

The infamous Celsius office has reported paying off debts on DeFi applications and then filed for bankruptcy to restructure. Sorting out how the curvy footprint epic will end.

According to the blockchain, which we know doesn't lie, over $800,000,000 in debt has been paid from wallets tied to Celsius since 10 June for Aave, MakerDAO and Compound. The blockchain also reports that Celsius has periodically transferred significant amounts of its pledged assets to centralised exchanges to sell them and repay its debt obligations.

The company said it had $167,000,000 in cash to provide liquidity to support certain transactions in the restructuring process. So far, Celsius has not requested permission to withdraw funds from customers and has filed motions with the court to continue business as usual.


Who's the little one here?

Press: Who has TVL growing? Fantom is down...how much? Where to throw stablecoins? Digest will tell you!

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