DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #40, 21 July

Forget it... it'll grow till the wedding


Hey Moni Maker

Boogie-woogie, woogie-woogie, as they say. Arghhhh... yesterday I was wondering how I could start this digest. I couldn't think of one because what can I say? Work hard, don't get discouraged. Although, oh! I'll start with a motivational speech. 

The market's bouncing back, but it's still shit. People around me are freaking out - they're literally full of aggression, and it's not just the market... 

You and I have to resist outside pressure and stay strong. And the market...  it'll grow till the wedding. Let's walk!


Overall Legacy of the Week

Well, look at that; TVL's grown a lot. 12b +, that's great! Of course, we could do easy x2 on Ethereum, but we're not a simple layman, right? 

Ethereum is just picking up 9 b of total growth. Testnet Sepolia has passed the merger; and fellow Mainnet itself will pass the merger in the early fall. DYOR NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE

Buterin would praise: sudoswap (+163%)

BNB Chain makes 0.7b +. Binance has a birthday coming up, as much as 5 years old! Maybe that's the reason? :D

CZ likes it: Drip (+6721%)

0.15 b is taken by TRON as well. Its USDD recently climbed Arbitrum, and apparently really isn't going to share the fate of UST. And frankly, I kept waiting for a couple of digests in a row. 

Justin Sun makes an announcement: JustLend (+4.36%)

Solana is up 0.51b. Of course, this is off-topic for the digest - but they say there's a BUNCH of cool jpegs on Solana. look out, NFT is still hype, I think...

Not Solana Mobile, but also OK: Raydium (+109%)

0.82 b now for Avalanche - a gut week!

Not bad:  XDAO (+1487%)

Fantom is psychologically more resilient as it's back to over 1b in TVL.

Way to go: ACryptoS (+144%)

0.17 b goes to Polygon bro as well.

The joy of the week: XDAO (+3785%)

Arbitrum...we decided to add you too :) We'll look at the next digest, but for now TVL is almost a yard. What's the Odyssey?!

Odyssey: Umami Finance (+46.41%) 

Long DeFi Story Short:

Atomic Sprint Week#2: stretching the post Odyssey

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