DeFi Yield DuckEDITION #37, 30 June

The market has fallen less, but it has not stopped falling


Hey Moni Maker

Hello, my farming and defi-riding lover. I see fud going on everywhere - news full of's like a pigsty in here! But I'll tell you one thing...bro, it's not time to get discouraged. 

We'll go with you to the market, we'll cry, we'll catch FOMO, but I know for a fact that sooner or later this f@ckin' hell will end and we'll be counting x's again.

Let's walk! 


Overall Legacy of the Week

Overall TVL continues to fall, but not at such a hyper cosmic rate, which makes me personally happy. - 3b in a week.

Ethereum is down almost 2b. Well, we're still waiting for PoS, and then, maybe, something will change...  

Buterin in shock: Beanstalk (+322%)

BSC is down only about 0.1b. It seems to me that the big dumps have stopped everywhere, now we are going to sit and fart.

CZ wow: HoneyFarm (+201%)

Btw, Mr Tron is holding on...haha. Minus 1.5b was made in a week. Apparently, those are the ones who haven't yet had time to withdraw the dough in the panic of a possible USDD depeg.

I'm not going to write anything about the project here.

Avax made only minus 0.05b. Nice!

Way to go: XDAO(+297%)

Solana makes minus 0.19b. What's Solana got, huh? They say there's some cool jpegs, DYOR.

Solana Summer: Ratio Finance (+161%)

Polygon breaks through resistance and loses 0.18b. Number 2 looks cozy!

MATIC love: Timeswap (+107%)

Fantom closes out the list. -0.06b for the week

Cronje would return: Tomb Finance (+899%)

Long DeFi Story Short:

- Arbitrum stops Odyssey

- Harmony offers a $1m rewards for recovery of stolen funds

- 3AC and continued liquidations

- Ronin is alive again


I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer

And now I'll share some interesting farming ideas with you. Just be careful with the turns, or you might get rekt: chain, website, pair and APR.

Farming non-Stable

Everscale / / WBTC-BRIDGE / APR 107%

Tezos / / QUIPU-uUSD / APR 168%

Stable Farming

Tezos / / tzBTC-uBTC / APR 20%

Tezos / / KUSD-USDtz-uUSD / APR 70%

За фармилочки спасибо ребяткам из Degen Hustle! Бахни на них подписочку - там куча полезного для дегенов. 

Ну и ты это, образовывайся! Вот тебе полезные ссылочки: 

– Как делать бабки на фарминге?

Стрим + Выжимка

– Можно ли заработать на кредитных DeFi-протоколах

Стрим + Выжимка 

– Как сохранить свои активы в DeFi?


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