Degen StuffEDITION #397, 27 September

Gem City helps citizens to date

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Hey Moni Maker 👂

Today Gem City DAO rolled out a new app which will work on the Gem City blockchain, which works on Proof-Of-Gem consensus. It’s called “Gem Hunter LOVE”. It will help Gem Hunters to find their crushes via metaverses; dates will be based on special analyses of Gem holdings.

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We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in! 



Depressed Citizens Mint 30 Sept 



- Arbitrum airdrop          


What else could become a gem on Aptos?

It’s clear the Aptos testnets exist to you could shine on projects’ discords. Like, yes, you can pass a tesntet, but…but it’s valuable to try to catch the team’s attention by providing some value (sorry, we love this word) to the community. Let’s go! 

1. Cetus Protocol - testnet

- get tokens

- add/remove liquidity to pools

- leave feedback here

2. Martian Wallet - this wallet is ruffling 50 USDC and 20 OG roles

- Follow twitter

- Like & RT and tag 3 frens

- Put 5 stars on da webstore

- Fill out the form

3. Aptos Bitboys -  20 WL ruffle

- Follow @AptosBitboys & @AptosEcosystems 

- Like, RT and tag 3 frens


Who is the most depressed here? (Depressed Citizens allowlists winners!)

So, mr depression, are you ready to see these results? And yes, you can holla at us cause we picked not 25 but 28 allowlists for followers! Cause we love you, nyam nyam brrr. 

Yes, check this form and find your wallet. Now let's pay attention to rules: 

1) Just keep calm and wait until the mint date. If some bots will be bugging you via discord, block them. cause they are scam

2) The mint event will be conducted on Sept 30, Oct 1

5 PM UTC Sept 30 - allowlists

6 PM UTC Oct 1 - public 

You can dive into the info and follow the project via this discord link - click 


Who gets the Moni Twitter Bot? These four sexy mfs

Today we have the attraction of unprecedented GEMerosity! And yes, we're wrapping up our two contests to get one free month of the Moni Twitter Bot. There were two contests; we got four winners: 





Guys, we selected you for being active in the chat and helping our project, as well as for your excellent answers :) That's why we bless you for using the bot. This week we'll tell you about:

1) Alpha Reports

2) Why do you need them 

3) What gems were we able to find and put in these reports (there's a lot to see) 

And all the rest who have not yet received an invite...wait. It's so close. This week we will launch the first batch of Gem City dwellers into the bot. Soon you will feel the Moni love 💜


SEE YOU LATER!           

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