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Gem City deletes dumb social networks

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Today, the Gem City DAO decided unanimously to remove social networks that don't comply with web3 rules. It's not entirely clear yet what those social networks will be, but the DAO is sure for 100%. Residents also support this idea of blocking because such platforms only hinder the development of web3.

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Symbiosis testnet    





Archimedes Finance: the bathroom DeFi

A project that found its footing and decided to push DeFi at the expense of unused liquidity. Should we shout "GEM"? Let's take a look.

Archimedes is a project dedicated to increasing the profitability of farming with leverage. The main feature of the project is called Meta-Vault. What is it? This is an actively managed funds pool, which takes care of all the expensive changes, collecting profits and compounding for a modest fee. For example, Origin's OUSD protocol invests in multiple strategies with one deposit and takes care of everything automatically without a gas fee.

OUSD. The team says they're fans of the project. OUSD is the perfect meta-storage asset: automatic positive rebalancing in the wallet, proven contracts with more than 300 million TVL and backed by high-quality strategies with reliable management. And they promise no liquidation risk as a sweet feature.

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Projects that raised dough (Looking for Gems)

Who's this here? Three fresh projects that raised money from rich uncles. Like & Share! Follow and DYOR

RISC Zero - the project's goal is to bring the magic of Zero Knowledge to blockchains to unlock Web3's potential through scaling. ZKVM is being written based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture. This means that RISC Zero ZKVM can support any language that can be compiled into RISC-V (Rust, C++, and Go)

Luxon is a gaming platform with its own blockchain. Focused on making games with NFT, collectable characters and other items. 

CreatorDAO - guys are developing a platform that allows you to order any content (such as images, audio, 3D, knowledge, animation, etc.)


3 more premints. 

Hello, our little premint lover! It's been a long time since we've posted any premint projects. We're making amends! Here are three of them, enjoy.

1) Coliseum - some mystery, and they promise to give some utility. Details.


Mint Price: Free

Deadline: -

2) Haunted Space x NFT Gems - a fruity mix of P2E and traditional games. There are plans for a game for both consoles and PC.


Mint Price: -

Deadline: -

3) Tiny Tamers - the most modest in claims but the most charming in art. Dudes have nothing but Twitter. DYOR?


Mint Price: Free

Deadline: 15 Aug



Moni is very, very NEAR 

Ethereum ecosystem meets Ethereum tokens, BNB Chain ecosystem meets BNB Chain tokens. Wait... do we forget someone? Oh, of course! And NEAR ecosystem meets NEAR tokens :) Yes, NEAR Protocol now has its own turret in our Moni Fortress.   

- Track tokens of top protocols like Ref Finance in a separate tab      

- Look for your favourite wrapped tokens. See if the fees on NEAR will be lower, huh? 

- And yes. Download Moni on Android or iOS

p.s...and yes...pretty soon, we'll add the NEAR wallet tracking


SEE YOU LATER!                

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