Degen StuffEDITION #360, 05 August

Gem City is very tired of you all

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Hey Moni Maker 👾

Today the members of the community voted to take a break from the scammers, toxics, hackers, pyramid schemes, and all the other crap that populates our crypto world. The DAO decided to take the most annoying characters to Bank City so they wouldn't get in the way of people doing their jobs.

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Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!



Symbiosis testnet 
– Celer cBridge ivent

3 testnets to test

6 premints for you  



1) Altimatum whitelist 

2) PROM form  


Where? HERE Wallet for NEAR Protocol + bonus

The new crypto mobile wallet came to Gem City. HERE is the NEAR Protocol mobile wallet, and it's already available use. Although, for Apple (iOS) fans only. Let's figure out what's what.

There have never been any mobile wallets on NEAR before so this is the first one. Install, as already mentioned, for now, you can only on iOS via TestFlight. Also, you can get a free name.near. What else? There is a possibility of non-blocking staking, which means you can take away your tokens at any time, very nice. 

So APPLE owners! Come on in, don't be shy. And if the free domain isn't enough for you - here's an inside (psttt)... a bonus from the team will be available for beta testing comrades. What kind of bonus? Well, when you test it, you'll find out. 

The link to the website

Install via TestFlight


Projects raised $$$ (Gems?!)

Who raised money today? We're going to write about them. 

All eyes are on the infographic! 

1. MarqVision is a platform that aims to fight against counterfeit products. It promises to detect and delete this foul at the push of a button, bringing back the lost sales and reputation.

2. Bits Crypto is a cool startup, the essence of which is rounding up the change and investing it in cryptocurrency. It's not a bad application for mass adoption, making it easier to buy crypto for people who are far away from it.

3. Lifeform, a tool for creating 3D avatars, a visual DID protocol, a set of secure smart contracts, a decentralized SaaS identification system, and a basic meta-universe mechanism for developing cross-application Web3. 



3 premints, DYOR?

We keep pulling our luck in the hope of pulling the lucky ticket at least somewhere in this greedy for profits but generous for rekts time. We have prepared for 3 premints, let's take a look? 

SOUP! Would you like some soup? Free minestrone straight from the kitchen from Pepe the Frog lovers.

Mint price: 0.0Ξ

Raffle time: Aug. 13, 2022, 00:00 UTC

Platinum Primates  Gem? Platinum! Apes who are not just jpegs but utility jpegs. They promise the token, holder privileges, and lots more.

Mint price: – no info

Raffle time: – no info 

Kitaro What a kitty cat. A collection based on Japanese mythology, kitties and cartoon universes, yum!

Mint price: 0.03Ξ

Raffle time: Sept 1, 2022. 4:00 UTC AM

Do not forget it’s better to use a special wallet for such activities. Good luck! 


SEE YOU LATER!         

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