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Will Gem City kill the coronavirus?

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Hey Moni Maker 👾

The Gem City Doctors Centre today rolled out a proposal to fight the 101st strain of coronavirus, dubbed 'F@cked Up'. Specialists advise the city's residents to get more rest and use more Gems.

Follow our Telegram and Twitter to the coronavirus will stop plaguing Gem City! And remember...

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Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


The world will be destroyed if you miss them

KingSpeed IDO Results WL: Nov 29, 10:00 UTC.



1️⃣ Masa investor interest

2️⃣ Beta waitlist


SolChicks has as many launchpads as you have rekts 

Digest has a lot of Gems and Sales for you. R u ready? 

Yeah, the chicks have laid eggs...and those eggs are enormous, like a truck because the guys have over 30 launchpads! As they used to say in one cartoon, collect them all, ha-ha. 

Here's a link for you to find all the SolChicks launchpads and IDOs. The guys are well-prepared and made the maximum comfort for users, respect! 

Here is the promised link

And we continue!


Sit down and play SIDUS

On the agenda, we learned that the game is a cool launch - SIDUS HEROES. As always, we'll explain it to you. 

Yo, what'd you think, you ain't gonna be in space? Come on, this game will take you to the space station, you'll explore the universe, races, warfare. We don't need you anymore, Elon. 

You will be able to play through the browser from your phone and PC, which is cool. By the way, this game is already predicted to be one of the top games in 2022.

Incubating this project is Blocktopia, which bodes well for profits. And IDO will take place in 7 venues. Ugh, we're waiting. 

Follow the project here:





dYdX: How to borrow and lend? [guide p.1]

What is dYdx? How to borrow and lend crypto? A guide with pictures! 

Check the article and smile! 


1inch gets what he deserves

We all love 1inch. The beautiful unicorn who beats the new record! 

Let's give some respect to these guys. After all, the project has surpassed $100b in total ETH trading. 

AVE, 1inch! 


F@ck this market, I'm off to Valhalla

There's an A2 club in the CIS where the pop stars perform. Launchpad A2DAO lives up to its name and provides a stage for some excellent projections. Who have we got this time? 

Valhalla is a testosterone-driven Play-To-Earn RPG where you have to axe the loozers and take over the lands of all sorts of suckers. Btw, you can feel like a Viking.  

Vikings recruit new ppl, so if you've got the balls to punish your opponents properly, you've got to fill out a form. 

Fill out the form and become a tough guy!

Registration will end at 14:00 UTC on 3 December! 

Tests will be held from December 4 to December 10.  

Still have questions? Here are the links for DYOR: 







SOLV + Thanksgiving Giveaway

Solv is continue the giveaway! Let's get some party, yeeeah

- Retweet this tweet

- Tag two friends

- There will be 25 winners who will receive a $CART voucher


Moni Talks goes to the metaverse!

Yo, the portfolio got $100 in... $SAND tokens! Yes, yes, we're not creating our own metaverse yet, but we're starting to sponsor them a little bit :) 

Drop by the chat and tell us which token we should get next? But tell us why, please.

Drop by the chat and give me a smart idea!


See you later!

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