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Will Uniswap save DeFI with grants?


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Today, in 2008, the first version of Android OS was shown at its first presentation. Hm…what else happened back in 2008? Correct! The worldwide financial crisis. Many people thought the ass coming to our faces would never let us leave it. 

So what? Remember. The darkest times are the parents of the things which provide the light later. It’s worth paying attention to such things :)      

Let’s go!


Uniswap is giving away grants: 14 projects for your DYOR

The news, of course, isn't fresh… it came out as recently as September 21st. But...but listen, back off, bro. It's a bear market, and good news even a month old is still good news...long story short.

The Uniswap Foundation, aka UF, has awarded $1.8 million in grants to 14 projects. All for developing the protocol, the DeFi sector and crypto in general. There are three areas of projects out there. Let us give you some of these, prepare your DYOR machine: 

– Protocol Growth

* Uniswap Diamond. It will improve the traders’ explerience and expand the market impact. The builders are GFX Labs.

* Uniswap.fish. It helps liquidity providers to manage their LPs and all of that.

Numoen. Will work with AMM to improve the LP workflow. 

– Community Growth

* Uniswap v3 Development Course. A free course will teach you how to use the UNI V3 platform. 

* Phi. Visualizes the on-chain identity and works with metaverses. 

– Governance Stewardship

* Holdim. The mobile app will help users to track protocols’ updates online.

To find other projects or know more about mentioned ones, you can use this link.  


Snippets (Arthur Hayes new essay)

Arthur Hayes' new essay is out! Let's give you the links now, and below is a little TL;DR for the lazy. We still suggest you read it, though.

Check out the essays right here


- Hayes Recalls The DAO case and reflects on Ethereum "decentralization"

- And there's not much decentralization anywhere at all 

- People are trading privacy for entertainment and communication Hello, Tik Tok, Twitter and others! 

- Ethereum has all chances to grow a lot, just like Web2 companies once grew, which have now become giants 

- Institutionals are not something that can launch the next bull run. And they won't go into crypto again

- About world conflicts + political analytics 

- Bitcoin price will fluctuate along with U.S. dollar liquidity; bitcoin technology will soon make itself known

- Bitcoin could fall as low as $17,500 because of Treasury and Fed actions

- Ethereum may not grow to five figures by the end of the year, but Arthur is still holding it and not selling it


What are literary NFT and blockchain publishing?

Today, as yesterday, we publish an article, not about x's, drops, and raffles. This time we have a New York Times bestselling author who went into NFT and web3. And not just went but decided that NFT literature and NFT publications could help writers in their complicated business. So I highlighted ten reasons why NFT for books is astonishing. 

Check it here

AirDAO and DWF Labs made a $2m deal and work together now

AirDAO made a deal with DWF Labs, a marketing and investment company. Why is it good? Let us tell you some.

DWF Labs is a market maker and investment company in the web3 world. Also, it provides some support to web3 projects. Web3-web3-WeB3. That’s why guys decided to invest $2m in AirDAO. So we have almost a #DoughIsFund post here.

To get more details, you can check this article.

And we hope you get that such projects should be DYORed hard, so we prepared a review, especially for you - click



DYOR - Is to check the project yourself, make sure of its legitimacy. Well, or understand that the project is a scam.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


More news?! 

– FTX is in search of funding to raise the company's value to $32 billion

– Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell, is stepping down after 10+ years in management

– Tornado Cash left a niche empty, someone will eventually fill it, opinion of Chainalysis chief scientist

– Bitcoin at $100,000 is a matter of time, so says commodity strategist Mike McGlone

– "Cryptocurrencies are decentralized Ponzi schemes," JPMorgan CEO


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