Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #636, 18 November

Twitter will follow FTX? Clickbait, so what?


Hey Moni Maker 😎

Today they celebrate Mickey Mouse Day. Hm…Disney mouse is always in trouble stories but breaks them like a superhero. Stop…Do you get it? 

The crypto degen role model was written in our childhood. Bite me! The market is going to zero, but we will keep our noses clean. Otherwise, the dirty crypto FUD will kill us.

Let’s go!


Elon Musk abuses Twitter

Eh, let us have a day off to move the focus from the crypto crash to normies' hell. So to speak, get sure not only crypto is screwed up. So today, the topic is Elon Musk, Twitter and possible bankruptcy.

No dramas and unwanted details; we'll show the picture as it is:

– Musk bought Twitter for $44b

– The sink pic, happiness, wow-wow-doge-doge

– …

– It figured out that Twitter doesn't bring any money. Yup, NFT collections consisting of 10k butts has a lot in common with Twitter. Only God knows who's more profitable…

–  First of all, Elon banned the ability to work remotely

–  Then Musk sent a letter to plebs telling them to get prepared for the hardcore regime of work or resign

– Media don't tell a certain amount, but as we can guess, nearly 42% of employees decided to skip Twitter 

– Musk stated Twitter would become bankrupt if nothing is changed regarding profitability 

Ofc, Twitter streets are yelling. Some ppl report that crucial employees left the company, while Elon says the opposite.  

And…the cherry on the FUD cake! As Twitter bloggers state, on Twitter's main building, someone put up a running line accusing Musk of racism, employee abusive behaviour, and other things. 


White Boy (Hayes dissed Sam)

Did you miss these essays? Even if not, you should check it out. Arthur is dissing Sam in two charters: the first one is about real American history, and the second one explains why Sam could trick us so heavily. 

Check it out here! 

TL'DR for lazy heads:

– Half of the essay is dedicated to the REAL American history 

– That one, there are poor white people, Afro-American slaves and rich whites 

– WHY?

– Arthur explains why everyone loved Sam so much. He was a rich white boy. That's why thanks to the context of American history, he looked so good to everyone

– Yes, people always put labels on each other. The same here

– And yes, in the beginning, os essay Hayes proved his wrong opinion on Sam - he is not a genius trader but a scam 

– FTX = Death Star

– Arthur is not 100% sure but suggests when Alameda's capital started to go down, FTX loaned Alameda using clients' money 

– Sam is a cheater. His image is cheating. And Arthur will prove it soon



NFT stays for "non-fungible token". An NFT is a one-of-a-kind token, and only the owner has the right to possess it.

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


Some more news?!

- Cryptocurrency exchange Binance froze deposits of USDC and USDT in the Solana network

- USDC's stablecoin operating mechanism may be on the verge of collapse

- The zkSync project has raised $200 million in funding

- BlockFi platform may declare bankruptcy in the next few days

- OKX cryptocurrency exchange will stop depositing and withdrawing USDT and USDC in the Solana network


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