Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #535, 29 June

Snoop Dogg gave us some Hopium


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Today, in 2007, the first iPhone went on sale in the US. Apple, of course, are cool guys! They showed the world that absolutely anything could be improved, thus making it an integral part of our lives. We had landline phones; we had brick ones, it would seem - they make phone calls. What else do we need? But no, it turned out that taking pictures and surfing the Internet 24/7 is much more important than calling someone :)

Let’s go! 


Old Snoop Dogg supports crypto

For many, this will be a totally useless post, but for many others...in short, Snoop Dogg went for an interview and shared his thoughts on the bearish crypto market. 

- Every industry goes through ups and downs, without that an industry doesn't become great

- Thanks to the bear market, those who didn't need the industry left the market. The only ones left are the true builders who will make cool products

- Music labels will sooner or later start going into web3 and NFT en masse as many are already asking for advice from old Snoop

Snoop Dogg in general is great. He used to speak out against the "Coastal War" that got protest rap legends 2pac and The Notorious BIG killed. And now old Snoop speaks out against FOMO! "Don't worry, bro, the market will turn around, everything will be fine, but now let's build and do good things together." 

Here's a hopium post :)


Michael Burry shorted NFT!?

Press: Burry vs NFT, There was an NFT show in New York, and Eminem is shilling jpegs! Digest is an aesthete.

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Order Book is a list of all orders, both to buy and sell an asset. The order book looks like a table or a list with the orders of sellers and buyers indicating the exact number of coins and value.

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