Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #594, 20 September

Proof-Of-Regulators, are you nuts?


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Today, in 1792, they allowed divorce in France. Well...in general, you have to live with the knowledge that we are all ordinary people and are entitled to make mistakes. We can choose the wrong job, the wrong person, the wrong meme coin to invest in... Everything happens and passes. The main thing is to remind ourselves of our limitations. Then it will also be easier to develop, and it won't be so hard to forgive your own mistakes. 

Let's go! 

The case of Ian Balina and pro-American Ethereum

Yesterday you must have already heard about Ian Balina's case. The guy was PRing all sorts of scam ICOs back in the pre-defi and pre-p2r years, 2017-2018. And now he got in trouble for an unregistered listing of SPRK tokens. 

But there is one THING 

The SEC claims Ian is guilty not just cause he was promoting scams, was ignoring the listing rules and such things....they stated that: 

- Ian was working with the Ethereum network

- Ethereum nodes are predominantly located in the U.S. 

- So the transactions are all American...so answer to US law, you took a shit in our country

Indeed, Etherscan has 45.85% of its nodes in the States. So much fun... 

On the plus side! Now you don't have to get a green card. You just buy Ethereum, and voila! You're a U.S. citizen! 


PromDAO launches, GameFi smiles ($120,000 contest)

Did u want, Mr pleb, to join DAO? You've got a chance, bro. PromDAO is launching the first version of its DAO. We did an AMA with the guys so you can check it out and continue this post reading. 

Yeah, about the DAO...

The purpose of this DAO is to familiarize users with the platform and the features of Prom. You have to be an active DAO member and offer your suggestions for development.


There is a chance to split the $120,000 in $PROM tokens. You need to HODL $100PROM, put forward your development proposal and hope for the community. If you get a majority of votes, you get a prize. 

But it's better to read more on Medium

Or you can go to chat and ask questions there - click



Node - Any computer connected to the blockchain network is called a node. A full node is a computer that can fully validate transactions and download a particular blockchain's data. In contrast, a "light" node does not load all parts of the blockchain data and uses a different validation procces.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


More news?! 

– CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX says he will channel a billion dollars in cash to help cryptocurrency companies

– Terra co-founder Do Kwon says he is not on the run

– South Korea's ministry plans to update laws on meta-universes to encourage their growth

– NFT-marketplace Opensea launches NFT uniqueness verification protocol

– Gaming giants SEGA and Bandai Namco are working on the introduction of blockchain games


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