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Hey Moni Maker 🐨

Today, in 1896, the "gold rush" on the Klondike began. Yes, crypto and the gold rush are very similar. Everyone dreams about big money and working 24/7, but only a few survive (that is, win). What you and I will become in this race - only we decide.

Let’s go!


Scammers leaving crypto amid bears?!

Chainalysis rolled out a new report. According to it, cryptocurrency crime is down 15%. 

"If we look at specific forms of cryptocurrency-based crime, we find that some have increased in 2022, while others have declined more than the market as a whole," the company reports.

According to Chainalysis, total fraud revenue in 2022 is 65% lower than at the end of July 2021. It is now $1.6 billion, which the company attributes to a decline in the overall cryptocurrency market.


New Portfolios' Battle with Aurora! Will you participate?

Gem City! It's been a while since we've had a Battle of the Portfolios in our glorious city! And today...today, in cooperation with Aurora, we're happy to announce the start of a new Portfolios' Battle. 

The timing of the Battle: 

Beginning: right now! 

End of registration: August 24, 14:00 UTC

End of Battle: August 31, 14:00 UTC

Prize pool: $1500. Prizes will be given to the first and last places and the best portfolio descriptions. And also to three random participants. Let's see, what kind of investor are you? :) 

- Check the text guide to the Battle here 

See you, Gem Hunter.  


More news? 

– Federal Reserve to release rules for granting cryptocurrency banks master accounts

– FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have requested trademark registrations for the metaverse

– CryptoPunks and Meebits have followed BAYC's example and started transferring intellectual rights to the holders

– Hodlnaut has asked Singapore's highest court to put itself under judicial control

– XP Inc launches BTC and ETH trading 



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