Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #638, 24 November

CZ is going to help! Is he?


Hey Moni Maker 🍤

Today they celebrate Friends Day in the USA. So let’s skip everything to move to the primary sense. Just thank fate you have someone to be friends to. Yes, gems and profits are crucial for us, but do they matter if you can speak about them to nobody else? No.

Let’s go!


CZ, gimme 1 billion to restore crypto…oh

The news packages about Mr. Cz, aka Crypto Saver, are walking around crypto twitter streets for a while. But every day we get something new, it looks like it’s a tremendous hype-boost machine for Binance. 

For example, Bloomberg states CZ, more precisely, Binance Holdings Ltd gonna create a fund of 1 billing dollars to “for the potential purchase of distressed assets in the digital-asset sector”. In human language, they wanna buy the dip…

But the crypto community reacts differently on CZ’s coming. Some are happy; some blame CZ as a man who is worse than that curly vegan guy. Long story short, FUD and rumours fill the crypto streets. 



NGMI - is a cronym for "not gonna make it". It is usually used to describe a situation when a person does not want to buy bitcoin or another token, cause of he is afraid of losses. And that's why he won't make money in the future

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


Some more news?!

– no for now 


meme of the DAY

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