Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #593, 19 September

Three Bears Vs Mass Adoption


Hey Moni Maker 🐻

Today they celebrate International Pirate Day. Well, the holiday is unofficial, of course...Think about how well marketing, PR, and the entertainment industry work! When they say "pirate," you probably think of Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard.

Well, in general, characters that are interesting, charismatic and even likeable. But... in fact, pirates are murderers, rapists, marauders, and so on. So let's agree to think with our heads and avoid media manipulation, ok?

Let's go! 


What is stopping Mass Adoption right now?

What it’s worth doing during a bear market when everybody feels apathy? Ofc, thinking about Mass Adoption! That’s why the Trust Wallet CEO, Eowyn Chen, told about three reasons that stop Mass Adoption.

As the Trust Wallet CEO thinks we have these three troubles: 

– Security. Yes, they should do something to warn people about scam smart contracts and other stuff like that 

– Ease of use. Well, everybody gets what she is talking about, right?

– Privacy. To save people from data leaking and so on

 Chen thinks that if web3 fixes these three bears, the crypto industry will go tothemoon during the next bullrun. 


What can't a crypto mf live without?

You wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast, drink tea/coffee/water, do some exercise and... huh, f@ck that. Your whole morning routine is only invented to you could DYOR projects on Twitter harder. Twitter is the place we can find early-stage projects; it's an essential tool for crypto mfs. 

We decided to simplify your life, so please get acquainted with the Moni bot. Don't worry; it won't bite, it won't cheat you or take a lot of money for nothing. We affectionately call it "lil' bot", and now we'll show this lil' bot to you: 

Name: Moni Bot. Also, sometimes they call it "alpha-bot," or just "gem-bot."

What can it do? 

1) Moni Bot will let you keep track of your Twitter subscriptions: who they subscribe to and their intersections, so it's easier to find early projects 

2) On top of everything else, the bot will offer you lists of cool degens that you can follow to keep track of their subscriptions and activities

- Let's do it in human terms!

Ok, plebs! 

1) Moni Bot will help you track market sentiment and understand where the money is (or isn't) right now

2) Bot will help you find cool projects before anyone else, find intelligent and wise people and follow their actions 

Huh, it seems pretty straightforward. Next time we'll talk about alpha reports and our achievements.


AMB fell in love with Binance Convert

Yesterday we mentioned these guys; today, we’ll do it once again. AMB, the AirDAO token, has been added to the Binance Convert machine. 

Binance Convert will help you to swap BTC to ETH, for example. With no orders!

Also, yes, let’s repeat. Yesterday we posted a review on AirDAO; you can check it here


I wanna feel Cosmos. How?

Plz forgive us! We haven’t posted anything on Cosmos for a while. Let’s check the thread with the most hyped Cosmos projects and their utilities 

Check it on Twitter



FUD - is the spread of deliberately false, or simply negative news and facts, in order to tarnish the reputation of the project.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


More news?! 

– "Gamers want to fan games, not grind tokens" - Blowfish StudiosShare

– DOGE has become the second most capitalized cryptocurrency after Bitcoin

– Epic Games, a major gaming company, has created its first blockchain game, Blankos Block Party

– Ether Staking Could Trigger a Succession of Securities Laws

– Passports of Do Kwon and 4 Terra employees revoked


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