Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #592, 16 September

The rich also feel FOMO


Hey Moni Maker 😮

Today, in 1998, the musical Notre Dame de Paris was released. Victor Hugo probably knew about the crypto heads beforehand, so he dedicated an entire novel to us. We are just like Quasimodo ... sitting alone 24/7 in a lock, all askew, and sometimes beating a bell ... well, when we want to signal to buy or sell ... 

Let's go! 


BAYC's rich people also feel FOMO

The merge was a success! Hooray-hooray, the epochal event that everyone has been waiting for so long has happened. Well, let's rejoice for Buterin and his Ethereum team once again. And now we can dive into everyday typical crypto... :)

And we start with the fact that OpenSea made a mistake and sent emails with the text "Get ready to mint Email Reminders Public Drop". No, nobody was hacked; they just messed up

And while the team leaders at the OpenSea meetings are looking for someone to blame, Bored Apes Yacht Club holders are reminding us once again that we are in a bear market. One of BAYC's holders has launched The Bored Yachts Club. It is a platform through which BAYC Holders can rent yachts worldwide. The first in line is Lady Amanda. To rent a yacht, click here. (ha ha ha) 


AirDAO: DAO from the people for the people!

Today is Merge Day! It's been a success, which means potential gems have even more chances to become real gems. Right now, we want to tell you about AirDAO, the project that closely cooperates with Binance and solves the problems of modern DAO, not just with words but also develops many valuable tools like dashboards, DEX'es, bridges and so on. 

Check the post on the website

And if you want DYOR, yay! They launched their website today - go here click



Bear market - is the time when the crypto market is in stagnation or even falls. Antonym - bull market (or bull run).

And more you can find in our Glossary!


More news?! 

– Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase provides users with information about the position of politicians on cryptocurrencies

– Ethereum Merge was successful. What does this give ordinary users?Share

– Google Cloud has partnered with the BNB-Chain, making its services available to 1,300 applications

– Legions of verified bots on Twitter are scamming people on behalf of Buterin and CZ

– Explaining how USDC Stablecoin lost utility after the collapse of Tornado CashShare


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