Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #638, 22 November

Elon Musk bought Twitter, but the scam is still alive


Hey Moni Maker 💰

Today, in 1986, Mike Tyson won the WBC title, making him the youngest champion in boxing history. Yes, punching is scary, but does Mike know what it's like to get punched from rekt?!

Does Mike know how powerful uppercuts from scammers are? Or how powerfully can rug pull beat our asses? We don't even know what's worse, getting punched in the face or losing your deposit. Better avoid both. 

Let's go!

Mr Musk, why is your Twitter full of scams?!

Breath in. Hodl. We gonna cover Aptos once again but let’s take a look from the scam’s point of view. Hm…Ok. Aptos feels ok, but Twitter promotes a scam that tries to play as Aptos. Correct! 

Plz, check the pic attached to this post. You can see “APT Name Services” selling domains in the Aptos ecosystem. It’s a 100% SCAM. The genuine service is called Aptos Names

It’s (not) funny Twitter let scammers trick followers and then live this life sitting pretty. Scammers make money pretending to be NFT collections, DeFi projects, Metaverses, etc. Even real OGs take the bait being whales; how can little fishes survive? No way. 

So always bear in mind to recheck 100 times your wallet connections. Even Google and Twitter can bring some scams to your table.

 Take cake! 


Spin will become airdropped! Wen?

Yesterday the Spin team broke the silence to roll out the airdrop hopium. Yes, it will be. No, we know nothing. That's why you should DYOR the project once again to grab airdrop, ok? 

The link is here 

Good luck! 



Rug pull. Similar to a traditional pyramid scheme, a "rug pull" is a cryptocurrency or crypto-token scam in which the creators of a token create hype by injecting liquidity into their token. After investors start to buy and raise the token price to a certain level, the creators liquidate their share of tokens, leaving their investors with virtually nothing.

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


Some more news?!

- Scammers hire KYC actors to defraud investors

- Bankrupt Exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried spent $100 million of client money in a cryptocurrency casino

- U.S. President Joe Biden called for stricter international regulation of cryptocurrencies

- Ripple, may buy back some of the assets of cryptocurrency exchange FTX

- Vitalik Buterin said the FTX crash was a consequence of people's actions, not a problem with the technology itself


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