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Gem City is not happy with NFT marketplaces again

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There's a new scandal in Gem City today! As it turned out, several NFT marketplaces were involved in insider trading. So the Gem City DAO has decided that from now on, the penalties for insider trading will be even harsher - the first time the insider will have all the Gems taken away, the second time they will be deprived of the ability to live in Gem City.

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Sienna Network - Edward Snowden would put lois

Underground? Sienna Network is a set of DeFi applications based on privacy principles and built on the Secret Network from the Cosmos SDK. Sienna assures us that no personal information will be revealed without the user's consent. Moreover, the guys are taking advantage of Secret's cross-chain functionality to use assets on blockchains that don't inherently support privacy protection in Sienna's DeFi applications. 

What's up with the products: 

- SiennaSwap.

- SiennaLend. 

- SiennaDAO. 

- SiennaLaunch. 

DAO and Launch are coming soon.

The platform already has a token, but the DYOR is still worth implementing. Do it here


Going to testneting Magnety?

Magnety announces an open testnet of its platform. The critical fact is that the testnet is rewarding, and everyone will be rewarded based on participation.

There are no details yet: you must collect your investment portfolio and share it with your Twitter. Detected bugs, as always share in Discord and then hope for the promised airdrop.

The launch date has also not been announced, so subscribe to it and set alerts. Paid testnets are such a thing; it's better to hustle once. The project is interesting so that DYOR can be done here


ZigZag has announced a public sale 

ZigZag DEX, suspected of a potential airdrop, has admitted they can't take it anymore. And now they've announced details about their token.

Airdrop is coming, but not now. Right now, there will only be an IDO, which ZigZags themselves will host. The public sale of token $ZZ paired with USDC will take place on June 24th at 15:00 UTC, but you can already vote for airdrop via DAO. They decided that the last airdrops were so-so, but they will make it right, so the criteria for the drops will be discussed by voting in the community.

ZigZag justified their decision by sad times, recovering from you-know-what-happened-to-luna and the need to pay the salaries to their employees.


Play-To-Earn is alive and feels well

The Tuzanye guild has an article in which they raise a very unusual topic, namely the importance teamplay in play-to-earn.  

The gist of the article is that if you and your friends will explore any P2E game, then you get one plus. So if you are a P2E noob, you always can find a team to play and earn. You'll be more active, more productive and so on.  

Also, the article cites the opinion that the developers and wealthy men from the funds love P2E, so all the "p2e is dead" talks are rubbish.   

In short, do not pass by! Check more here: @TuzanyeGG_Ann


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