Degen StuffEDITION #322, 14 June

Gem City procures shitcoins to burn them for good

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Today the citizens of Gem City decided it's time to end scam coins. So the DAO has allocated 50% of the city's treasure trove to buy up all the shitcoins and burn them for good. Yes, 50% of the treasury is quite a lot, but all means are reasonable to fight scammers.

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yo yo no important updates for now :( 





What's up with Solana? Let's ask the Jupiter Aggregator

Well, the market is the market, but you must always DYOR. Jupiter Solana's liquidity aggregator gives users the widest choice of tokens. On top of all that, the guys say their platform helps find the best route between any pair of tokens. The project team is also hilarious about UX, and at the same time, not forgetting about the developers, offering a lot of goodies when integrating Jupiter. 

Last week the guys joined Phantom and integrated into it - click

DYOR? Use this link


Dogecoin down 90% after Elon's TV appearance

Elon "Scam-Him_please-Someone" Musk rocked the Saturday Night Live show last May, shilling the token $DOGE, which was worth a record $0.72 at the time. A year has passed, and Doge is trading at $0.05.

Dogecoin is thought to be the first 'meme coin' created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus in 2013 as a joke to mock the plethora of altcoins flooding the market. The joke coin soon caught the attention of billionaire Elon Musk, who began tweeting, as he claims, ironically (although it's believed that he was stuffing his bags with dogs as early as 2019).

Now Musk is promising flights into space and rides in a Tesla, which could be paid for by DOGE. However, at the current rate, Elon has a better chance of sending a man to Mars than Dodge to the moon.


Jack Dorsey jumps over Web4-Web3-Web5...

Let's take a break from the asshole market and look at the news we missed.  

TBD, Jack Dorsey's business unit focused on blockchains, has announced that it will build a new decentralized Web5 network. What that is and where Web 4 went, we'll look into.

According to TBD, Web3, based on a decentralized network, blockchain and cryptocurrency, has the right direction but uses the wrong tools. But Jack and his team, with a proper and good Web5, will save the game. They are so confident in their progeny that Web4 can be skipped, and their Web should be the fifth one.

Web5 will use bitcoin, a decentralized monetary network and a host of trusted computing technologies to create a new ecosystem of decentralized credentials, data storage and applications where users control their personal information.


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