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Gem City does not support FOMO

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Today, after six months, the FOMO vaccinations will be handed out again in Gem City. Reports suggest that the lingering bear market has caused some residents to suffer from panic attacks and stomach and sleep disorders. 

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bicyclefi - riding a bike and earning money

Well, after the success of StepN, everyone has become sporty. bicyclefi is a lifestyle web3 project that gives you tokens for riding your bike, walking or running. The guys have two tokens: CYC and BCF. The first has a total supply of 5 billion; the second has no release limit. 

The project regularly holds gives, so you can check them here 

And the DYOR project itself at this link


Swap stNEAR/NEAR with Bastion

Although we've written about it before, Bastion is a decentralised lending and borrowing protocol built on Aurora, the EVM-compatible NEAR layer.

Btw! Swaps with zero slippage for stNEAR/NEAR pair supported by Meta Pool are now available in the Swap section.

Now a little bit about Meta Pool - it is such a $NEAR liquidity-stacking platform that allows unlocking stNEAR capabilities in DeFi on NEAR and Aurora.


Pharrell Williams is wobbling the system through Web3

13-time Grammy Award winner and American rap artist with his mouth - Pharrell Williams, started exploring Web3 and NFT tightly about two years ago to provide a tighter connection with fans through those jpegs of yours, but he's a little too late. And what I wasn't too late with, we'll tell you now.

At VeeCon on Saturday, the musician shared his views on Web3 and NFT in particular. In general, Williams believes that decentralized communities and creators can make a significant difference in the world by countering governments that seek to limit or disenfranchise human rights.   

NFTs, on the other hand, are a great fit in the art world, not just music. The ranks of rappers in the NFT are growing, and we're waiting for everyone else to come along. Farrell is working on several Web3 projects, such as the Digital Asset Gallery, a platform for traditional artists ripe for the digital space.


Fork Terra 

Do Kwon, who has long flung poo in response to Twitter critics, admitted that he was too thick and generally wrong but is ready to make amends and fork LUNA, though without UST.   

And the kid was on his way to success - he graduated from Stanford and worked for Microsoft and Apple, but he liked to make stablecoins. Even though he was told back in 2018 that the plan was a long shot, Do Kwon did not listen to anyone and made the BAC stable, which did not see success either. Now Mr Stable has decided not to goad but to admit fault and make amends.

However, the community acknowledged Do Kwon's suggestion of a LUNA fork as a hat and suggested using CZ's buyback and token burning solution. Still, the vote why was not in favour of the community. 


THE END!     

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