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Hey Moni Мейкер 🌄

Today, in 1840, Samuel Morse patented the telegraph. Man is a social creature, so to speak, so we can't do without communication. Even those who spend months and years alone, all the same, communicate: with themselves, with their pets, with friends... or they bicker in telegram chat rooms. In short, people matter.

Let’s go! 


We must support Incrypted!     

So. There is the Gitcoin platform; it's a crowdfunding platform for web3 projects. And so, the day has come when the gentlemen of Incrypted have revealed the face of their crypto media there too! And we have to support them. 

But who are Incrypted? 

In case you don't know, we'll tell you now. Incrypted is a CIS crypto media that, as of 2017, tells us about crypto in plain language, educating people. 

Btw, you also can get a possible drop from zkSync for donation. So let's do it! 

The link is here 


Does SEC go to punish insider trading?!

FOX business said on Wednesday that their SEC insider has learned of multiple queries being sent to exchanges asking - "How do you bitches protect your users from insider trading?". We're not sure of the wording, but the point is this. 

The funny thing is that no single crypto exchange dared to comment on the issue, including Banana, FTX, etc... This is very strange given the not-so-long-ago stuff about crypto regulation and the reclassification of some tokens as "valuable" securities.


A bright Kazakh crypto future

The Kazakh government has given the official green light to test a new programme that provides a close working relationship between some financial institutions and licenses crypto exchanges. 

The outcome of this pilot project will help the government decide whether or not to change its current policy on cryptocurrency completely. That way, they can work out whether it's so good to be a degen on a national scale or still risky crap.

Significantly, this announcement follows a visit to Kazakhstan by one shaved kid from Binance, aka CZ. In any case, if the country is tightly focused on crypto integration, it remains to wish good luck to local cryptos and adequate implementation of the whole thing.



Shiller is a well-known person in the cryptocurrency world who advertises tokens or a project.

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